The spatial strategies in the Municipality of Lefkada

The Municipality of Lefkada has designed and promoted the processes for the implementation of development strategies, through the Integrated Spatial Investment (RLP) 2014-2020, with a budget of 24,000,000 euros.

Integrated Spatial Investments are one of the tools for designing and implementing integrated spatial strategies. In particular, Lefkas SA is specialized in the framework of the 2014-2020 spatial model “Coastal area with emphasis on the Maritime Economy”.

The development priorities of LEF Lefkada, by spatial formula, are as follows:

-Branch areas with priority for actions related to the marine economy, such as sea-coastal tourism, ie ports, marinas, beaches, anchorages, as well as environment and culture.

-Branch areas with an extension to the hinterland and Ecological-Tourist prospects with the diversification of the tourist product and the promotion of thematic quality tourism.

-East areas with cultural heritage, through deepening the creative and cultural economy, interconnection of cultural stock and business exploitation.

-Local suburban areas, in need of productive redevelopment and environmentally hazardous features.

Finally, the strategic planning of LEF Lefkada is the creation of a strong sustainable development pole with coherence, spatial organization and balanced multifunctional development, with the ultimate objective of highlighting the region in a distinct tourist destination based on quality, contributing to the upgrading of the quality of life of the inhabitants and the overall development of the Ionian Islands Region.

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