The swallows are paying for it again.

Friends from Kefalonia inform us that balconies and ledges have been filled with wet and damaged by the bad weather swallows. Janus found them on the journey to Africa (like many other species of birds).
Last April that steep temperature drop on returning to Europe and decimated them.
Back then, of course, the birds were in the last phase of a long and painful journey, having consumed all the calories of fat they had stored in winter in their body, and that’s why thousands died.
We hope at this point most of them will get away and continue their course once the evil passes, because they still have good weight and are full of energy.
Let’s not disturb them, let’s pick up the cats in the houses once again and, if there are swallows on the road, we invite ANIMA for instructions.
However, we see that swallows insist on feeling safe near people, despite the fact that in recent years, those who spoil their nests are increasing so that they don’t ′′ mess ′′ their clean balconies.

source – FB post of ΑΝΙΜΑ – Σύλλογος Προστασίας και Περίθαλψης Άγριας Ζωής

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