“The Trip to Greece”: Journey in the footsteps of Odysseus with a British signature

Steve Kougan and Rob Brydon, under the direction of director Michael Winterbottom, are following in Odysseus’ footsteps to make their own trip to Greece.

Ten years after their first trip to the North of England, Steve Kougan and Rob Brydon , two of Britain ‘s most popular and famous comedians, are taking on a fourth and final voyage on this mission – as their tasters Greece.

Their starting point is ancient Troy on the shores of Turkey and the final destination is the island of Ithaca , as the two of them follow the footsteps of Odysseus in the “Odyssey” of Oiro, closing their own personal journey in a series that was successfully screened for Small (in separate episodes) and the Big Screen (as full-length films) , traveling them from England (“The Journey”) to Italy (“Journey to Italy”), Spain (“Journey to Spain”) and now to Greece .

The ” Travel in Greece ” ( ” The Trip to Greece “), directed again believer navigators of the two protagonists, Michael Winterbottom ( “The killer in me», «24hour Party People», « Welcome to Sarajevo,” “Jude »), Was shot in Greece in the summer of 2019 and after keeping company with the viewers of Sky One, BBC Two and Sky Atlantic networks, where it was shown in the spring of 2020 during the quarantine period, it” comes out “worldwide as a motion picture film.

       “Journey to Greece”

“Discussing where I would be able to go after the filming of the series in Spain and Italy, Greece emerged because of its rich Greek Psychology and philosophy. But also because of the modern political reality, which is creating another dynamic now, ” Steve Kougan commented a year ago on his return to the country .

For six days

Kougan and Brydon are enjoying themselves again on the six-year tasting trip to explore Greece. The contrast of the different searches of their characters is again the action axis, while the (humorous) flashback to the ancient Greek culture develops in parallel. The two of them have the opportunity for an account of life, visiting archeological sites and tourist attractions, following as people two different internal routes that will send them to a separate Ithaca.

When I started thinking about doing this “Journey”, the idea was that this would be the last one, and Greece always seemed to be the most likely destination. For a moment I thought maybe I should go to Scandinavia – in a dark and cold weather – but in Greece I realized that I would have had the natural route of Odysseus, who is trying to go from Troy to Ithaca, to return to his home, ” he says. director Michael Winterpot, who returned to Greece especially for the shooting of “Trip to Greece”, having shot “Greed” in Mykonos in 2018, again starring Steve Kougan. “Apart from being a nice part of thinking about Steve and Rope’s discussions, you liked the idea that someone is coming home while he’s been away for a long time. In the Odyssey, Odysseus’ son searches for him, so the story intersects µ between Odysseus trying to return and his son looking for him. Obviously I had Steve’s son in a previous “Journey”, so it seemed to him that this sense of returning to the family, of returning home, would be a useful point of reference for this last “Journey”, the director concludes.

     Steve Kugan and Rob Braindon, “Journey to Greece”

From Assos and the remnants of ancient Troy to Lesvos and the modern refugee camp of Moria, Kougan and Brydon have time to philosophize – under the infallible cover of the British flamethrower – of the temple-, to exhaust its beloved art. the maritime passage of refugees and enjoy the modern Greek delicacies in the best cuisines of Northern Greece, Athens and the Greek islands.

Greek civilization

Aristotle and Richard Gere, To Hardy and … Aeneid, Alexander the Great and Marlon Brando in “The Godfather”, the offensive “Grease” and his relationship with … Greece, Pythia and the Delphians, “Varoulko” in Piraeus and Psachi of Salajina, Dustin Hofian and Lawrence Olivier, Hydra and Mick Jagger, the Cave of Diros and the Gregorian Hyenas, Vangelis Papathanassiou and the “Old Brothers of Fire and Fire”, the – everything and everyone is intertwined in a road movie watered by the Greek natural landscape, the Greek culture. Ancient Action, comedy, tragedy set in a film that refuses to be categorized as a “genre”. A film that, apart from a cultural tour, through the “alter ego” of two actors, reflects not only the friendship of two men,

“I knew that there would be many places for which I could go to Greece, given that it is the homeland of storytelling, it is the home of action, comedy and tragedy, it is the home of democracy and so on,” he said. his own pool of knowledge, from which he drew inspiration. “It’s also a part of the fun, that as soon as you start thinking, ‘OK, this place could be the destination of the trip,’ then you start studying it and it starts to fascinate you.”

  • The movie “Journey to Greece” will be released on July 2, distributed by Tanweer and Filmtrade
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