The TV frequencies have changed-How to set up your TV

The television frequencies must be changed from today in order to be able to watch the television stations.

As it has been announced, the second digital transition, as provided by the updated Frequency Map prepared by the State and will be carried out jointly by both digital terrestrial broadcasting providers, ERT and Digea in Achaia , Zakynthos, Ilia, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Preveza.

Specifically, those residents receiving digital terrestrial signal, you will take on May 28 to re-tune their receivers (TV or set-top box), and now the TV program will be transmitted to new frequencies, otherwise it will lose all channels and will see black on their screens

Indeed , in some cases they may need to reset their TVs to factory settings.

In any case, inconvenience is inevitable, although according to experts there will be no need to change equipment (antenna, TV, set-top box), but a new automatic search is enough to tune the devices to the new frequencies.
This new digital transition is made by a decision of the European Parliament, and concerns all viewers, who receive a digital terrestrial television signal from the networks of ERT and Digea. Now the signal will be transmitted at the final frequencies set by the state with the new Frequency Map and therefore it will be necessary to reset the TV or the decoder.
To perform the coordination you need to follow the following steps:
(1) go to your receiver menu
(2) select “Install” if you have a set-top box or “Settings” if you have a TV (different wording may be used depending on the receiver).
(3a) perform automatic tuning, where the receiver searches and stores all available programs
(3b) or perform manual tuning, where it stores the programs of a specific frequency
(4) at the end of the search, press OK / YES
(5 ) select exit to watch the program you want.
If necessary, it is recommended to reset the receiver to factory settings.
From the Tools tab, select Factory Settings and click OK.
Confirm your selection by clicking Yes.
If prompted for a password, press 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4.
In the initial installation tab, select the language you want and click OK.
When the search is complete, click OK to watch the program you want.
Each receiver may have differences in the vocabulary of its Menu options.
During the reset process you may encounter some problems due to the way each receiver searches for and stores digital TV programs.
Here are some typical resonance issues you may encounter, along with tips for resolving them.
The receiver may keep in memory the programs already stored on the old frequencies (which are now inactive), as a result of which it will not be able to save them again.
If this happens, it is recommended that you delete all saved programs and reset them.
Alternatively, the receiver can be reset to factory settings (consult the operating instructions for the procedure) and then reset.
If after resetting you see on some channels a black screen, the station name and you hear the sound then your device does not support downloading programs in High Definition. You can continue to watch your favorite programs in standard definition or alternatively get an external decoder that supports High Definition download.
Following the automatic search process, your receiver may have changed the order of the TV stations you are watching. If you want to change their order, you must (1) click on the menu or settings on the remote control and then (2) find the channel editing setting. As this procedure differs from receiver to receiver, we suggest that you consult the instructions for use of your device.
With the realization of the necessary re-tuning of the receiver which will be performed by the viewers covered by the broadcasting centers Aroi, Kalavrita, Analipsi, Frangapidima and Smerna in the early morning hours of Friday 28/05/2021, the channels in High Definition will automatically appear (High Definition) if they have a TV or set-top box that supports HD technology.

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