The Vice Governor of Kefalonia & Ithaca message regarding region response to storm Ballos

On Wednesday at 10 pm, under the mandate of the General Protection Policy all Regional Units of PIN (region of Ionian Islands)set up a business center at the headquarters of each prefecture for the treatment of Ballos, same thing happened in Kefalonia with members of each municipality and security forces.
The business center operated in an exemplary manner dealing with all the damage to the provincial network within a minimum amount of time and we assisted the municipalities with security forces and citizens where needed.
I would like to thank all the members who participated in the business center as well as the head of the technical services of the prefectures and also the head of Civil Protection.
Bad weather Ballos was a very difficult and dangerous climate condition that reached rain fall even the 374 mm (ITHAKA)!!
It is very important that even though in the Agia Efimia area we had a similar rain height to the flood of 2019 and about the previous year and yesterday of Corfu there was no problem.
This was contributed to significantly by the flood prevention projects of 1 million executed by the Ionian Islands Region after Ianos.
Bad weather Ballos has passed but the next storm is only a matter of time before it comes, we are not complacent but with planning, partnerships and low key we are trying to be as well prepared as possible to secure the lives and properties of our fellow citizens.
Argostoli 15 _ 10 _21
The Vice Governor Kefalinias and Ithaca
Stavros P. Travlos

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