The Vice Mayor appeared on Greek TV this morning talking about the success of the appeal to find accommodation in Kefalonia for emergency workers

There was intense interest and acceptance caused to the public by the appeal of kefalonia and Ithaca, Stavros Travlos to apartment owners to offer accommodation to the emergency staff who are asked to visit the island’s hospital, whom he thanked in public.

We also welcome ert3 on the show every day of which mr. Travlos was hosted by journalist Christina preparing repeating the message that for the health of each of us, we demand from the state but it is also necessary to contribute as a society

In addition, on behalf of the local community of kefalonia and Ithaca, thank the heroes of our time (doctors, nurses, nurses and administrative staff) for the superhuman efforts they are making for the health of all of us.

Following this on his FB post he commented

Target is accomplished!
The awareness of the local community, was great and moving, crossed the limits of kefalonia and led us today to officially inform the 6th that it can include in the recruitment of doctors besides other motivation and free accommodation in luxury Apartments.
I would like to thank all of you who contribute to the rapid spread of the message but also to you who are trying to help with a sense of responsibility towards the challenges of the times.
It was the least we can offer to our heroes doctors and nurses…

A battle was won but the war continues…

Source – FB posts of Stavros Travlοs & ΠΙΝ

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