The weather has been a bit on the wild side (Assos flooding & Petani videos)

Kefalonia has been through a series of winter barometric lows recently bringing  rain, wind, snow and lightning to the island over the last week.

Yesterday and today the storm has produced significant rain especially in Erissos (Fiskardo and Asssos in particular), last night sadly Assos was a stream bed again with muddy water flowing through it, nothing like Ianos but tough for an area that has still  not fully recovered.

Today the northern winds are blowing close to shore at beaufort 10 strength bringing rough seas up to what are serene beaches in the Summer.

Here is a video of Petani earlier today

picture source – FB post of Spuraggelos Damoylianos Alivizatos & youtube of ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΣ ΒΟΥΤΟΣ




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