The Weather in Kefalonia This Weekend (not forecasting Cyclones!)

Information collected from various websites for this weekend’s weather in Kefalonia suggest no significant issues.

An Italian website indicated a Cyclone (maybe this should be Medicane!) will move from Italy to Greece

However are indicating a relatively normal weather forecast over the weekend for Kefalonia

In Greece it is forecast for further strong storms but these will be most intense in northern areas

Article Syntax: Stratis Vougioukas – Stavros Dafis – Konstantinos Lagouvardos
EAA – Penteli, Saturday 13 July 2019, 10:30

Local rains and sporadic storms in the east and mainly on the North Continent, we are waiting on Saturday, July 13, 2019, and from afternoon few rains will appear in the west and south.

From Saturday night to Sunday morning , local heavy rains and storms will occur in the northwest and northern countries, the islands of the North and North-East Aegean, Thessaly and the Sporades. The phenomena will be accompanied locally by strong winds , and in some cases it is not excluded that temporary hailing occurs .

The areas affected will include Halkidiki and Thessaloniki.

The following chart shows the estimated cumulative rainfall heights until Sunday night , highlighting the areas where we expect the strongest phenomena , and areas where hail may occur .


During Sunday , storms will persist in the north-eastern parts of the country and will gradually affect island sections of the Eastern Aegean. At the same time, rains and storms will occur in the central and eastern continental segments.

The areas that will be affected include the Prefecture of Attica and the city of Athens.

Continuous updates from The Kefalonia Pulse should the forecast change



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