The weekly Greek strategic coronavirus update:information from Tsiodra and Hardalia about the coronavirus

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, in charge of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, and the representative of the Ministry of Health for the coronavirus , Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, are currently giving a press conference at the Ministry of Health.

A few minutes earlier, the PHEA announced 121 new coronavirus outbreaks in our country. After more than two months, when he stopped the daily updates on the coronavirus from Sotiris Tsiodras (on May 26 was the last), the alarming data with increase in cases of the virus seems to have led to the recurrence of the infectious disease specialist.

It is noted that earlier today, the possibility for SM S to return was left open by the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis.

The main points of Sotiris Tsiodras’ briefing

  • The shift of cases in recent months to younger ages is clear
  • The number of domestic cases has been rising in recent weeks
  • Scientific data necessitate the use of the mask, especially when distances cannot be observed – The mask is much more effective than the use of a shield
  • Monoclonal antibodies may be the new weapon
  • There is no magic solution – There is hope for a safe vaccine
  • These epidemics also affect young people who, despite their young age, can be hospitalized and become seriously ill.
  • The virus does not only multiply in the lungs – it makes a multisystemic infection
  • In the coming weeks, I hope we do not bend and succeed,It will depend on the behavior of all of us

The new measures for the coronavirus announced by Nikos Hardalias

  • From tomorrow, it is forbidden to cross from Kakavia (Albania-Greece land border checkpoint) from 11 pm to 7 am to be checked.
  • From next Monday, a permanent team will be installed for inspections in Kakavia
  • from Sunday 16 August whoever enters from Kakavia is obliged for a 7-day quarantine
  • The limit of 100 people at social events is extended until August 31
  • Intensive inspections are starting in the food factories, EFET is also included.
  • All on-board events (ships/boats) are prohibited and mask wearing compulsory even outside
  • It will be possible to limit the hours in the night clubs at a local level


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