The weekly update on the coronavirus with Nikos Hardalias returns

The return of the weekly information on the coronavirus was announced by the government spokesman Stelios Petsas , during the briefing of the political authors.

In particular, Mr. Petsas informed that the information is returned on a weekly basis and exclusively for management issues related to the operational issues of the coronavirus. The briefing will take place every Tuesday at 18:00, at the new coordination center of operations of Civil Protection, by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalia.

Answering a question on whether the representative of the Ministry of Health for the coronavirus, Sotiris Tsiodras , will also participate in the weekly briefing , the government spokesman replied that “at this stage it is advisable to remain in the operational data, which will be updated by the Hardware, and only. If it is deemed necessary in the course to have wider information, we will examine it “.

At the same time, Mr. Petsas announced that from July 20, and not from the 22nd of the month as originally announced, flights from Sweden will start, due to the improvement of epidemiological data in the Scandinavian country. Regarding the festivals, he stressed that it will be considered whether the measures will need to be extended after the end of July.

Coronavirus: At 0.4 the epidemiological index Rt this week
Mr. Petsas referred to the epidemiological picture of Greece, emphasizing that “it remains much better than most European countries, but no complacency is allowed.”

He recalled that “a hold of the key epidemiological index Rt, below the unit, below 1, is tantamount to reducing the epidemic” and stated that “according to the ninth progress report of the Covid-19 Observatory, for the period 8-15 July , it is observed that the basic epidemiological index Rt remained consistently low, and stood at 0.4 this week “.

“Consequently, so far, and despite arrivals from abroad, the course of the epidemic does not seem to have been significantly affected by the increase in contacts,” he said, adding, however, that with the latest reports of the Observatory, daily number of cases “and for this” no complacency is allowed ”

Specifically, as he stated, “there is a deterioration in the average number of daily cases to 35 cases per day, from 25 in the previous report .”

A significant number of cases are imported, he explained and specifically stated that ” from the entrance gates, the largest percentages of positive samples are located in the Bulgarian land border . Therefore, given the deteriorating epidemiological profile of the Balkan countries, it was decided to cross the Promachonas exclusively with the demonstration of a negative molecular test (PCR) “.

In the largest urban centers, such as in Attica and Thessaloniki, there was also an increase in cases, which, however, remain low, on average, at 8 cases per day, according to data provided by Mr. Petsas.

Petsas: 5,000 tests per day in July for coronavirus
As for these tests, they have increased significantly, as the government spokesman said, citing further data, according to which “on average, 5,000 tests per day have been performed so far in July, a number increased by 1,000 compared to the previous month”.

“In conclusion, in the health sector, there is an increase in cases, which is due to the imported cases, but also to the internal relaxation. This has led to an increase in admissions to our hospitals, but they remain relatively low and, most importantly, do not lead to losses. “In the first fortnight of July we had 449 cases, but only one loss of life,” he said, noting that the government is assessing the pandemic on a daily basis. “It is stepping up controls at the country’s gates, but it is insisting on fighting the main enemy: which is complacency.”

Petsas: The controls will be intensified, but not in a punitive mood
“The relaxation that leads to the unacceptable phenomena of synchronicity. The competent authorities have already intensified the controls and will intensify them even more “, Mr. Petsas continued and referred to the meeting held at the Maximos Palace, chaired by the Prime Minister , and in the presence of co-responsible ministers and officials, in which the message Mitsotaki is “That in order not to be faced with a second wave, it is imperative to comply with what we have defined as necessary conditions for ensuring public health.”

“It is a central political priority to send the message everywhere: that inspections are carried out where necessary and that administrative sanctions and fines set by law are imposed. The existing framework is sufficient. But its faithful application is required. To this end, it was ordered to tighten controls and implement the provisions without discounts. In particular, in the areas related to the observance of hygiene rules by employees and the avoidance of scheduling and gatherings “, said Mr. Petsas and explained that the controls will be designed by the coordinating operational body that operates under the supervision of the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection, based on the epidemiological data that will be provided daily by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

All bodies involved in the audit process are represented in this body (Police, Coast Guard, National Transparency Authority, Decentralized Administration and ranks of the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection).

As he said, the Regions and the Municipalities will participate in this effort, as a representative from each Region and from the large and tourist Municipalities will be added to the coordinator, so that there will be complete coordination of controls and better distribution of forces with only one goal: the maximum possible efficiency. Finally, referring to yesterday’s inspections , Mr. Petsas stressed that “the inspections will be intensified, not with a punitive attitude, but because it is necessary to put a brake on the relaxation
that will bring only the worst”.

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