The worst weather so far this winter is coming to parts of Greece next week

Meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos has warned of the “worst winter weather of this year” referring to the severe weather events that will occur on Sunday, January 5th.

“It will all start on Sunday, and then we will be waiting for the eve of the Epiphany, and on the 7th of the month we expect the worst weather so far for this winter,” Yiannis told Radio 104. Callian.

“In short, we are expecting a lot of snowfall, with a sharp drop in temperature from Saturday to Monday: that is, the temperature will drop from 13 to 14 degrees Celsius in less than 48 hours. In Athens we will be around 4 degrees Celsius, in the northern suburbs two to three degrees below freezing temperatures, “the well-known meteorologist added.

“For cold gaseous polar masses,” Kallianos says

At the same time, Yiannis Kallianos also underlined that very cold air masses of polar origin from the north of the country are expected from Sunday midday, which give local first snowfall and will quickly descend further south in the daytime. Late on Sunday night the central and southern parts of the country will be affected. On January 6 and 7, the weather will be very volatile in eastern and southern Greece, with occasional snowfall and snowfall in Zenobia, which will be affected by snowfall in areas affected by the previous wave of weather. Pelion and further south, Eastern Sterea, Evia, Sporades. It will also snow in the Cyclades in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas and in the lower Cyclades. ”

It will snow in Attica

Referring to the weather in Attica, he explained that “we expect rain from midday to afternoon and the first snowfall will occur mainly in the highlands. We are expecting snow even at very low elevations late in the evening and towards the early hours of Monday and Tuesday. ”

It is noted that Yiannis Kallianos concluded by noting that “I am already informing the relevant departments of the government of the measures they must take to avoid such phenomena as we had the previous time. The state mechanism must be ready for everyone to be ready. I have spoken with Mr Chardalia, I have spoken with the Citizen Protection Officer I have explained exactly what the situation is and I will update them today. ”

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HNMS bulletin issued

New bad weather is expected to sweep the country, with the NMS issuing an emergency deterioration report as the weather will worsen on Sunday (05.01.2020) from the north of the country, with snowstorms and bitter cold.

In detail the EMY special bulletin


a. Which will be observed on Sunday (05-01-2020) in all the mountainous, semi-mountainous parts of the mainland, from the afternoon hours to the islands of the north and east Aegean, Euboea, as well as in the lowlands of Macedonia, Thrace and of Thessaly. Snowfall will be occasionally dense in Thessaly and from evening hours in Central (mainly eastern), Euboea and Peloponnese (mainly eastern).


Indicative altitude for eastern Sterea, Euboea and the northeast Aegean islands, from afternoon hours, 200-400 meters.

b. On Monday (Epiphany 06-01-2020), heavy snowfall will occur in eastern Sterea and Euboea and in the northern and eastern Aegean islands (indicative altitude of 200-400 meters and possibly in lowland areas), as well as in the mountains – Crete.

c. On Tuesday (07-01-2020) snowfall will continue in the aforementioned areas (par. 1b) and by the afternoon the north is expected to weaken.

2. VERY VERY windy

a. On Sunday (05-01-2020) they will blow 7 to 8 and the seafront will gradually have 9 Beaufort.

b. On Monday (Epiphany 06-01-2020) in the Aegean are expected to reach a storm level, locally 10 beaufort.

c. On Tuesday (07-01-2020) there is a slight weakening in the late afternoon.


In places they will be accompanied by hailstorms and will affect

a. From the noon hours of Sunday (05-01-2020) the islands of the north and east Aegean, Euboea, gradually the Cyclades, Crete, temporarily the Ionian and by night the Dodecanese.

b. Monday morning (Epiphany 06-01-2020) will be limited to Crete and the Dodecanese and

c. They are expected to weaken by Tuesday afternoon (07-01-2020).

4. The ICE that will be marked

a. On Monday (Epiphany 06-01-2020) on the mainland mainly in the morning and evening hours

b. On Tuesday (07-01-2020), mainly in the continental, locally strong
in the central and north in the morning and evening hours.


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