The wreckage of the Canadian helicopter that crashed in the Ionian Sea has been located

A joint investigation team set up by the Canadian Armed Forces and the US Navy has located the wreckage of a Canadian helicopter that crashed in the Ionian on April 29 and the bodies of its crew members, Canadian officials said.

The new CH-148 Cyclone, developed on the HMCS Fredericton frigate, crashed in the Ionian Sea , about 80 kilometers west of Kefalonia, killing all six crew members. The multi-role helicopter took part in NATO high schools when it crashed. The body of one of the crew members was retrieved a few hours after the accident.

According to APE-MPE, a research team used the flagship of the Republic of Cyprus EDT Hercules and the remote-controlled submarine of the US Navy Remora III, which reached a depth of 3,143 meters where it located a large part of the fuselage, explained Canadian military officials.

Human remains “in the area of ​​the wreckage” were also found, they added. Lt. Gen. Mike Roelo, chief of staff, spoke of “encouraging news,” explaining that “we are not leaving our dead behind” and that retrieving corpses is “the most important task for all of us.” The recovery of debris helicopter also will enable military air accident investigators to determine what caused the crash.

Vice Admiral Craig Baines, head of the Canadian Maritime Administration, however, acknowledged that the search operation for the helicopter and the victims was “complicated and may continue for some time”.

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