The WWF sailing boat “Blue Panda” reaches the Ionian Sea and Kefalonia

After a long trip to France and Italy, WWF sailing boat “Blue Panda” arrives in a few days in Greece and specifically on three emblematic islands in the Ionian Sea that are threatened by the mines: Zakynthos (20-22 July), the Ithaca (July 24-26) and Kefalonia (28-30 July). 

During the stay of “Blue Panda” in our country, actions open to the public will be implemented aiming at informing and mobilizing the inhabitants and visitors of the islands around the most important new danger that threatens the Greek seas, oil and gas extraction.

Blue Panda’s trip to our country takes place during the WWF tour of the Mediterranean, aiming at informing and raising awareness of the modern environmental challenges facing the marine life of the Mediterranean. In particular, in the coming months, Blue Panda will cross the Mediterranean (France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco) in order to highlight the unique Mediterranean biodiversity and its immediate threats, such as marine pollution from plastic waste, overfishing and hydrocarbon mines.

Actions of “Blue Panda” in the Ionian Sea

In the presence of “Blue Panda” on these three islands, informative and recreational actions will be implemented for all citizens who will focus on oil extraction in the Ionian Sea. The audience will have the opportunity to watch an interactive photo exhibition on the impact of mining on the environment and economy, to dive virtually to the bottom of the sea and to swim with dolphins, experiencing a unique VR experience, boarding the WWF, to take commemorative photos and send a loud message against hydrocarbon mines!

At the same time, a great central action will be implemented on each island. More specifically, in Zakynthos, an artistic event – surprise against the mines. Accordingly, in Ithaca (25/7), a large graffiti will be unveiled on the mines that will decorate for those days the wall in a central spot of the island, while in Kefalonia (Sami, 29/7) a free concert will be organized with the creator and performer Matoula Zamani, joining her voice with that of the local society against the hydrocarbon mines in the Ionian Sea.

All actions that will take place under Blue Panda are open to the public, with free participation, and WWF Hellas is waiting to welcome all residents and visitors of these islands to the boat to discuss and exchange views around one such a serious issue that will affect the future of our children and our country.

The Ionian says “no” to hydrocarbon mines

These islands are just three of the areas directly affected by the mining projects in Greece, as a marine area of ​​about 60,000 square kilometers has already been leased to oil companies, covering almost the whole of the Ionian Sea and reaching up to west and southwest of Crete. The Ionian Sea is a world ecological ecosystem that is already threatened by the very first stage of seismic underwater research, as these are caused by the immense intensity of sounds that disorient, obstruct and often lead to the death of marine life in the area (e.g. blowers, dolphins, caretta turtles, etc.). At the same time, mining places the coastal communities and the national economy in imminent danger.

 Zakynthos: Saturday 20/7 – Monday 22/7 
Where: Port of Zakynthos 
Hours of action on the boat: Every day from 18.00 to 22.00 (excluding the first day 20/7, when the actions will start at 20.00) 
Artistic event against mining: the date will be finalized in the next few days (free participation)

Ithaca: Wednesday 24/7 – Friday 26/7 
Where: Port of Vathi Ithaca 
Hours of action on the boat: Every day from 18.00 to 22.00 
Opening of graffiti: Thursday 25/7 
* The graffiti team will be created by the UrbanAct artists group

Kefalonia: Sunday 28/7 – Tuesday 30/7 
Where: Port of Sami 
Hours of operation on boat: Every day from 18.00 to 22.00 
Concert: Monday 29 / 7- Loutro Beach, Sami (Free admission) 
* The concert organizes the Open Meeting of Cephalonia-Ithaca against the extraction of hydrocarbons, with the support of WWF Hellas

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