Theocharis (Greek tourism minister) in the Telegraph: We want to welcome the British again safely

“Bathed in the sun, without overcrowding, famous for its friendliness and relatively untouched by the crow, Greece sounds like the perfect holiday destination after quarantine.” This is how the article begins, but the question is whether the situation will allow our country to welcome the British in the summer.

Security is a prerequisite

The article hosts statements by Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis, in which it is made clear that Greece will do “whatever it can” to ensure that the British are among the first holidaymakers from abroad to do so. visit the country safely and without compromising the good course of our country regarding the evolution of the virus.

“The United Kingdom is our second largest market for incoming tourism and we share common values ​​and ideals in terms of how to have fun and be happy,” he said. provided by the British government regarding the conduct of a virus detection test.

“Some kind of test will have to be done by the British government or by individuals. We hope that by the summer the technology will have advanced, so that this will be possible and the tests will be more accurate and cheaper. If not in July, then maybe in August we would like to welcome the British again. “

The timetable for lifting the measures

The report on the lifting of restrictive measures is also detailed, highlighting the need to continue implementing guidelines on social distancing.

“The experience for visitors to Greece will be different. The tables and sunbeds will be more spread out, the staff will probably wear protective equipment and gloves. We are taking steps to avoid queues and will limit the number of tables in restaurants, setting tables outside and changing the way food is served. Hotels are expected to have more frequent cleaning of rooms and common areas. ”

Closing his speech on the article, the minister points out that “we will act responsibly for as long as necessary, but some changes may remain forever.” 

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