Theocharis: We will fight every percentage in tourism-Our goal is for August to be strong – Significant announcements by Greek Prime Minister on Saturday

The Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis , spoke about an upward process in the field of Tourism this year . “Our goal is to be strong in August,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. Every 1% this year is 5% of the time because it means that some companies and employees will endure more and will support the tourist product in the medium term “said Mr. Theocharis in Topic 104.6 and added:

“What burns me is that we can safely bring the last traveler who wants to and can come to the country and come back when the holidays are over, healthy and safe in their home countries.”

The minister made special reference to the importance of adhering to health protocols on the occasion of the latest local coronavirus outbreaks .

“The mechanism is ready, is test efficiency, I have confidence in NGPP, the PHEA and the Ministry of Health that the business plan will address each issue,” noted Mr.. Theocharis view of the opening and the airport “Macedonia” on Monday.

He explained that “there is a protocol for the most difficult airports and sample testing will be done where we feel that the situation is controlled through the models that doctors have for how many tests. and to whom.”

Mr. Theocharis announced that on Saturday Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce what will happen from July 1, adding that “the framework is that we must explain to the world a clear signal about the way and the steps to open in the country.” “We will have important announcements,” he said.

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