It is in the process of developing new programs that will be available from large banking groups exclusively through e-banking and mobile banking services in the coming months.

These products will be added to the existing online portfolio of banks, as St. Mark reports in his “Sunday Footage”. More specifically:

– Piraeus Bank, following the launch of the e-loan consumer loan, for which applications are made exclusively through e-banking, prepares credit cards via the same service. It is noted that the group now offers its clients the possibility to open deposit accounts (open demand, futures, savings) without visiting a store.

– Eurobank has launched its online loyalty loan to its selected customers and will probably launch the same service in the summer for all users of e-banking services. In addition, it provides the possibility of opening savings accounts (savings, futures) via the Internet.

-In addition to on-line term deposits, NBG has already started to provide business loans up to € 25,000 via e-banking. At the same time, it prepares the offer of consumer credit products (loans, cards), applications for which will be examined directly, without human intervention.

– Alpha Bank, which already has deposits (futures, savings) through e-banking, is preparing a new application host platform, to which interested parties will submit their supporting documents electronically. In addition, having access to their bank profile, the bank will more accurately identify the risk of each grant and offer personalized pricing.

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