There wil be huge subsidy for the purchase of new (electric) cars, scooters and bicycles


Incentives and huge subsidies for the purchase of not only electric cars, but also scooters and bicycles, as part of the program to promote electric propulsion, the activation of a new program “Saving at Home” in the fall with increased budget and the drafting of a National Plan announced, among other things, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, during the online discussion ONNED talks, on “The green agenda of the government”, organized by the Youth Organization of New Democracy last night.

In fact, the Minister of Environment and Energy briefly presented the government’s green agenda, which includes desalination, energy saving and electrification, the development and implementation of a National Reforestation Plan, recycling, bicycle creation, cycling and the general but also the withdrawal of disposable plastics. “It simply came to our notice then. It is a policy that has started to be implemented and that will become even more visible in the coming days, but also in the coming months “, Mr. Hatzidakis underlined.

“We have been working on electrification since autumn and it is not ruled out that the relevant bill will be presented for consultation even in June. I think the most important thing in electric propulsion is to have the charging infrastructure, the “electronic gas stations”, the chargers first in the central points and then in others.

In our design we have decided to have a special program for electric propulsion. The money that will come from the Rural Fund has been found and will be enough. These will stimulate the market, not only for electric cars, but also for electric scooters and electric bicycles. The subsidy for cars will not be staggered, ie it will not depend on the value of the car. It will be specific and will apply to all types of cars.

Compared to the state subsidy for the purchase of electric cars, the aid for the purchase of scooters or bicycles will be higher in percentage and more beneficial to the buyer. We want young people to be protagonists in the transition to the new era. Electric cars, scooters and bicycles are not a luxury, but a daily routine. “This essentially means that the amount with which electric cars will be subsidized will be stable regardless of type or value, which will favor the most affordable proposals in which the percentage reduction in their price will be greater.

It is worth noting that the subsidy for the purchase of electric vehicles in Greece is not going to be linked to any kind of “withdrawal” of cars, but of course one cannot rule out the possibility of “running” a program of subsidized withdrawal of polluting vehicles in order to strengthen the pace of renewal. of the aging fleet of cars circulating on Greek roads.

The president of SEEA, Mr. George Vassilakis, was also revealing about the amount of incentives. As he revealed while speaking on SKAI radio, the amount of incentives will be the same as in Germany and the Netherlands, while for Taxi owners or for a commercial vehicle the subsidies will be doubled. Subsidies for the purchase of an electric vehicle in Germany range up to 6,000 euros, while in the Netherlands the subsidy is up to 5,000 euros. So the subsidy in Greece is expected to range between 6,000 and 5,000 euros and for professionals it will double and will range between 12,000 and 10,000 euros!

Regarding the withdrawal that is heard, the president of SEAA clarified that it will only concern those who buy an electric car who, if they withdraw and an old vehicle at the same time, will receive an additional subsidy.
Mr. George Vasilakis characteristically stated that: “Despite the drop in sales of new cars due to the coronavirus, there is an optimism.

It is clear that for the first time our country acquires a Ministry of Environment! Until now, previous governments have not been concerned with the environment but with energy. Now we have a Ministry of the Environment that has really put down and created some incentives, half of which exist and that is why there is an increase in hybrid cars and now the incentives for purely electric cars are being prepared.

Electricity is zero pollution and zero noise. Now in June they are preparing at the Ministry of Environment to announce the incentives for electric cars and in a meeting we had at the Ministry we were very surprised to see the incentives to be given as subsidy levels are very high and fluctuate at the level of Germany, the Netherlands. Too much money to help someone buy an electric vehicle.

That’s what we’re waiting for. Of course, we do not expect the sales of electric cars to suddenly become a large percentage of the market as they are relatively expensive.
The plan they have planned envisages 1,500 sales of electric cars this year, ie 2% of the market and 3,500 units in 2021, but from there on they will increase a lot.

What was heard about the withdrawal concerns only those few who will buy an electric car and in case they withdraw and an old vehicle at the same time will get some extra money. But we are talking about 1,500 cases and the market closed at 115,000 cars last year, something that obviously will not happen in about half of this year, but we are not talking about a general withdrawal.

As far as taxis and commercial vehicles are concerned, the incentives that make up too many kilometers in the city will be twice that of private consumers! The incentives will be very high. ”

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  • May 25, 2020 at 9:13 am

    Would be great if EV owners could charge their vehicles from their own solar panels but you don’t see those in Greece so presumably Greek homeowners are not allowed to hook up their own solar arrays to the grid?


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