These are the lock-down measures in Xanthi and will be used in other areas when local lock-downs are required

The government and the competent health authorities have been alerted by the relaxation of the citizens in the protection measures, as well as by the 15 new cases of corona that were found in Xanthi.

The announcement of the Civil Protection states:
“Taking into account the increased epidemiological burden in the area of ​​Xanthi, as 15 new positive cases occurred in the area and after the proposal of the National Committee of Public Health Experts of the Ministry of Health and in consultation with the Regional Governor, decided Christos Merakis and Th. the taking of restrictive measures in the Municipalities of the Prefecture of Xanthi, for urgent reasons for dealing with a serious risk to public health and in particular for the reduction of the dispersion and the effects of COVID-19 disease in 2 axes:

In horizontal measures for the wider area of PE Xanthi , which consist of:

  • Attendance of citizens at Public Services, Municipal Stores and DEKO by appointment
  • Mandatory use of a mask in all private businesses and stores
  • Prohibition and suspension of public markets and outdoor trade in general

In more specific measures concerning the community of Echinos of the Municipality of Mycenae , which consist of:

  • Prohibition of public and private gatherings-gatherings except within a family of gatherings
  • Citizens are not allowed to travel daily from 21:00 until 07:00 the next day
  • Prohibition of workers moving in and out of Echinos
  • Mandatory use of a mask and general protective measures by all citizens living in the area
  • Shops will be supplied with the obligatory use of a mask
  • Suspension of operation of kindergartens and primary schools
  • Taking care of the minimum necessary activity of the farmers and stockbreeders of Echinos by the Municipality of Mycenae in the context of the agricultural and livestock activities necessary for the time.
  • Undertaking of all necessary actions of the General Staff of National Defense (G.E.E.TH.A.) for the strengthening of the Echinos Health Center, with medical and nursing staff.

Also :

  • Taking care of the Regional Administration of Fire Services (PE.PY.D.) of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for any assistance in the work of the Municipalities of PE Xanthi in personnel and means, where and when required
  • The supervision and undertaking of all necessary actions by the General Regional Police Directorate (GE.PA.D.) of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace to ensure the implementation of this.

It is noted that these additional restrictive measures in the Municipalities of PE Xanthi, the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace will be valid from 12-06-2020 and time 06:00 and for seven (7) days, ie until 06:00 19 -06-2020, when their removal or extension will be reassessed.

Finally, the Operational Plan “Day 0 – Day 7 – Day 14” is implemented, where in cooperation the steps of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and EODY will go to the area to carry out extensive checks.

Hardalias: “We are obliged to take the necessary measures”
The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, stated: “We have repeatedly informed that where there is a new outbreak of coronavirus, we will be obliged to take the necessary measures for reasons of public health.

In collaboration with the Municipalities of P.E. Xanthi, the Region of AMTH. but also the Authorities of the area and always following the advice of the experts we will do what is necessary to ensure as much as we have achieved so far and to stop the spread of the virus.

These measures of local character will be applied in other areas in cases of need “.

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