These are the plans of the HRADF for the marinas of Rhodes, Mykonos, Zakynthos and Kefalonia

The marinas of Rhodes and Mykonos in the privatization program of HRIP. The competition will begin in the Spring of 2020. “Headache” for Alimos Marina and delays of concessions.
With the marinas of Rhodes and Mykonos , the privatization program of the Public Property Development Fund (HRIPED) will continue in 2020 , while in the second phase, two more marinas will be given to private individuals , in Zakynthos and Kefalonia .

According to, recruitment of consultants is underway for the ripening of the two disputed marinas in Rhodes and Mykonos, with the aim of launching the competition in the Spring of 2020 . The intention is to attract investors who will undertake infrastructure projects in these two marinas, their common point being that they are in two popular tourist destinations, with increased cruise and yaghting activity.

The same sources say that there is a strong investment interest in both marinas, and especially in Mykonos, among the stakeholders is an Arab interest company. These are long-term concessions, which include the development of shopping centers.

The new port of Mykonos in Tourlos, arrived at HRIP, with three distinct activities: passenger shipping, cruise and marina, while the land area covers approximately 100 acres.

In Rhodes again, the marina is located in Mandraki, with a capacity of 175 boats. This is the marina just outside one of the gates of the old town, which also serve local ferry lines with smaller boats, while in Rhodes there is another modern, private marina operated by the company. “Rhodes Marinas SA” which is already in the process of finding a buyer.

As for the marinas of Zakynthos and Kefalonia, which are about to take the path of privatization, after the marinas of Rhodes and Mykonos, it should be noted that the program for the exploitation of the marina of Zakynthos has been on paper for 20 years .

In addition, in recent days, HRIPD has announced an interest in the exploitation of the Itea Marina, with a private lease for the next 35 years. The marine zone of Itea Marina, which can serve as a station for vessels crossing the Aegean to the Ionian Sea, through the Corinth Canal, occupies an area of ​​26,000 square meters. and has the ability to berth 146 small and medium-sized vessels. It is also foreseen 60 vessels in the land area covering an area of ​​24,700 sq. M.

Delays in Alimos

And while the program to grant four remarkable marinas to private islands is in progress, at the same time … there is a headache at the UNESCO over what to expect with Marina Alimou . Concerns arise, as AKTOR Concessions, which was declared bidder in mid-April, still delays paying the € 57.5m price tag, demanding continued extensions. This is because, as the company claims, in addition to the lump sum, it is discussing additional funding with banks to invest in the development of commercial shops, hotels and other infrastructure projects totaling € 50m.
Despite the assurances of paying the price at HRIP, there is strong concern, as there is pressure to record the revenue from the Alimos Marina concession in the 2019 results. at the price, the HRIPD administration will be forced to move to Plan B for Alimos Marina.

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