They captured the 73-year-old who was dragging his dog by car – They found him on facebook

A 73-year-old man was arrested for dragging his dog , which he had tied behind his car.

The arrested person is accused of violations of the laws on the protection of pets. According to EL.AS, it was moving with private cars. owning a car, having a dog tied up (on the back of the vehicle).

The police investigation and preliminary investigation of the Rethymon Police Department showed that the driver of the vehicle was the 73-year-old man who was searched, found and arrested.

His location was a matter of hours since the photo posted on social media clearly showed his vehicle number.

Citizens’ reactions, however, were fierce, calling on the authorities to identify him.The driver was identified after a photo of the car with the dog tied to the back of the car had been released on facebook and sparked outrage. In the photos, the users had deliberately let the number appear, so the police reached the perpetrator very easily.

However there is another theory: “He is innocent 73 year old” supports animal welfare organization
However, new data emerges in the 73-year-old’s case after Facebook posts by the Volunteers’ I Care and Volunteers group claim they are innocent.

By posting on Facebook in this group, the man who took care of the dog, Yiannis Skepetzakis, claims that the old man tried to do a good deed but had no power to lift the dog and put him in his car.

In a text he posted, he wrote: “An 80-year-old hawk did a good deed … and now he is in police charged…. just didn’t have the strength Because of his age getting the dog to put him in the car and tying him to go ten meters further to his estate for fear of killing him mine .. the subject got big and wrong … well known people all over Greece Targeted man from a photo widely circulated on the internet .. and lest you think I know him man is about 50 kilometers away from me volunteer animal association Rethymno I care these wonderful girls have taken care of it. A tip from me do not make the wrong notifications without crossing the facts Don’t be annoyed because people are in danger … “.


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