Third dose: Vaccinations platform opens on 30 September for over 60 year old’s and health workers begin

In three more categories of the population after the immunosuppressed the third dose of the vaccine will be given as confirmed during the briefing at the Ministry of Health, the president of the Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou.

These are:

-The elderly in Care Units.

-Those over 60 years old

-The health workers

According to Ms. Theodoridou, studies have shown that after 5-6 months the antibodies decrease.

Regarding whether the third dose will be the last, Ms. Theodoridou said that with the transition of the coronavirus from pandemic to endemic the coronavirus vaccine will be made like the flu vaccine. On the occasion she even called on citizens to be vaccinated with the flu vaccine noting that it is very important and that there is no contraindication between it and the coronavirus vaccine.

Themistocleous: 30/9 the platform opens

According to the Secretary General of Primary Health Care, the platform for the vaccination of those over 60 years of age and the health sector for whom six months have passed since the second dose.

Also next week the vaccinations in the Elderly Care Units will start from the mobile units.

third vaccination in greece

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