These are the new ENFIA objective values in Kefalonia per village – Who will pay more and in how many instalments it will be paid


The first part of the general review of ENFIA was completed on Monday (07.06.2021) and concerned the new objective values that will apply based on which the Tax for 2022 will be applied.

It remains to start the simulations, in order to determine the coefficients that will apply and which will not be the same as those that will run this year. This is because we have an exercise with different parameters, from which the same budget result must come out.

As the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras said yesterday, it does not automatically mean that the increase of the objective values ​​will lead to an increase of ENFIA.

In fact, as the Ministry of Finance emphasizes, responding to a statement by SYRIZA accusing the government that “it is obvious that the increase in fair values ​​will significantly burden ENFIA on low and medium properties, as well as another 20 taxes and fees on real estate”, notes characteristics… “there will be no charges for the middle class, no charges for the vast majority of property owners, even if fair values ​​increase”.

“Homes that were undertaxed will be charged”

And in the announcement, the ministry concludes, “however, houses in areas of the country that were under-taxed will be burdened. And this fiscal space will be fully utilized to further reduce property taxes, especially low and medium value. As it happened from the first moment, when ENFIA decreased by an average of 22% “.

ENFIA 2022

It depends on the mathematical models that will run, the fiscal conditions and the political message that the government will want to convey during this period.

Therefore everything is on the table and the details will be determined after the summer. The data are as follows:

  • The reference values ​​with which ENFIA will be calculated will be significantly increased in their vast majority.
  • There are 3,500 new areas entering the objective identification system, which means that the taxable material is much higher, according to many this translates into an additional ENFIA close to 500 million.
  • The budget result will not change. That is, the public sector hopes to receive about 2.1 billion euros every year and this will not change, not even in 2022.

Finally another element that remains to be clarified is the number of payments. The Minister of Finance said yesterday that for 2022 it will be more than in 2021, so more than six. 

The information states that it will be either 8 or 9. That is, they will either start in March or April and will end in December.

Kefalonia Objective Values per village

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