This is the 24 hour EODY line for the coronavirus! In operation from today

In operation from today (07.03.2020) and on a 24-hour basis will be the EODY hotline for the coronavirus number 1135. 

At 1135 citizens will be able to request coronavirus information at all times of the day and to consult experts.  

In this number, people who have symptoms and have traveled abroad or suspected that they may have been infected by a disease patient will be able to receive instructions. ESA scientists will give the necessary guidance and responsible information, either to their family doctor or to the nearest hospital if they have severe symptoms.

According to the President of the EODY, to date, 1,500 individuals have been traced to or are contacts of the 45 confirmed cases of the virus so far, and from the same EODY study, to date, 800 samples have been examined, which have is sent to the laboratories of the Pasteur Institute and the University of Athens.

In the new EODY spot on coronavirus, it is emphasized that the virus affects the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and patients with chronic diseases. 

Citizens are urged to wash their hands frequently and properly, cover their mouth and nose with their elbow when sneezing or coughing, and keep distances away from symptoms, clean surfaces and ventilate their areas. . 


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