This is the BAN map with the dreaded area for a major earthquake.


The war that has erupted between seismologists on the basis of the scientific study of the BAN group that speaks of a major earthquake of the order of more than 6 rhythms in Western Greece and the southwestern Ionian Sea and revealed by Seismologists Professors Akis Tselentis and Gerasimos Houliaras continues in high tones . Stress is after Akis Tselentis and the reaction of the Research Director of the Geospatial Observatory of the Observatory of Athens Gerasimou Houliaras on the occasion of the decision of the Seismic Risk Assessment and Seismic Risk Assessment Committee, with direct shots against the President of the Commission. Makropoulos and OASP Chairman E. Lekkas, describing the “monkey” committee, which misinterpreted and contradicted the scientific data submitted jointly with Akis Tselentis. Yesterday, following the ongoing developments, Mr. Houliaras reveals the BAN Charter with the signals of the dangerous areas for earthquake over 6 whirlwinds in Western Greece that they received from the stations of Pyrgos and Patras. In the delimited danger area lies Elia.

In his post, Mr. Houliaras states: “The Map VAN! The hazardous areas after the BAN electrical signals on the 3rd and 9th of January are the shaded gray areas and the two rectangular parallels. The electrical signals relate to the possibility of an imminent earthquake of over 6 turns and the time window is days to a few months after the signals are recorded. The study is in progress to better identify the time and area. Those were the OASP Scientific Committee to discuss as a matter of urgency and not to show authoritarianism and slander !!! “

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