This is the Check list that will be used to check the health protocols of tourist accommodation for the COVID-19 pandemic

Whilst this checklist is from the Aegean, as the protocols are the same for all of Greece it will be similar in The Ionian islands, note we have converted this from Greek so there maybe some minor translation errors!

Whilst there is a difference in need to produce documentation plan dependent on size of asset there is nothing we have seen to date to suggest these type of inspection question will not also be potentially asked for regarding villa rentals, obviously lots of N/A will just be entered by the owners.

This should form a good basis for putting together accommodation risk assessment alongside the training that will also be running in the  Ionian Region.


The Check list, which will check the health protocols of tourist accommodation for the COVID-19 pandemic, in the South Aegean Region, reveals the MONEY & TOURISM.

PNAI and the municipality of Rhodes, as it is known, were the first to start the organization of free telemarketing seminars for health protocols , through the self-governing K.E.K. GEORGE GENNIMATAS.

Each trainee, from the comfort of his or her home or office, attends the seminar without having to move, with only computer or tablet equipment.

The seminar is implemented exclusively through a telecommunications platform , and is a combination of modern teaching (2 hours online with a specialized instructor) and asynchronous training, where the trainee can at any time have access to educational material, questions / answers, legislation, Ministry publications. At the end of the training, he is asked to answer the knowledge test, in order to complete the process and receive the certificate of attendance, which will then be sent electronically, in two languages ​​(Greek and English).

It is reminded that the programs of the seminars fully cover the Protocols of the tourism industry as a whole, under the following main categories:

  1. Hotel Sector / Tourist Accommodation / Camps
  2. Food Branch / Restaurants / Coffee / Bar
  3. Transportation of Persons ( Rent car, tourist buses, etc.)

The first seminars started on June 1 and continue. In fact, a new extension was given due to the great interest.

The check list

In this context, the GEN.D / NSI MUNICIPALITY OF HEALTH & SOCIETY OF MERIMNAS DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH MUNICIPALITY OF PNAI, prepared the Form of the Inspection Report, which will be completed by the inspectors who will perform the audits in the companies.

Protocol Accommodation in taking preventive measures and treatment of pandemic COVID-19
A. General requirements
Requirements Applies the business process control management system for food safety; A. Action plans The company should develop, document, implement an action plan and individual protocols for each section of the accommodation. The company should develop, document, implement an action plan for the management of a suspected case. The action plan is in accordance with the instructions of EODY; Is it up to date?

B. The staff is trained in the observance of the protocol or the individual protocols per section of the accommodation with a corresponding report of the individuals, the duration and the manner of the training.
The training includes: – Sources and ways of transmitting the virus – Procedures for informing those in charge of the accommodation and the customers themselves – Methods and communication approach of the visitors – Behavior and actions in case of illness by the staff – Methods and practices of cleaning and disinfecting the locations based on the risk and probability of transmitting the disease – Observance of basic coronary transmission prevention measures – COVID-19.

C. Suspected case
management plan The case plan for dealing with a suspected EODY case is followed for the management of a suspected case.

D. Communication of communication data.

E Keeping a file and a COVID-19 event book. For the purposes of public health protection actions, the accommodation address / management must keep a record of the staff members and all persons residing in the accommodation – name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail ) – to make it possible to communicate with close contacts in the event of a COVID-19 impact, which may be identified afterwards. Pay attention to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and inform all visitors that a file is kept for reasons of public health protection.

F Update and communication

G Reception service protocol (reception / concierge).

H. Protocol of floor, room and communal services (housekeeping).

I. Catering services (dining rooms / public areas), breweries.

I. Recreation areas for children

ΙΒ. Swimming pools, hydromassage / hydrotherapy tanks and other recreational water facilities.

ΙΓ. Customer transfer service (EDX / EIX with driver, club cars)

ID. Drinking water-Water / sewerage network

ΙΕ. Air conditioning and space ventilation

ΙΣΤ. Venues of accommodation within accommodation (conference rooms, reception areas, etc.)
Operation of these services in accordance with the current legal framework and the corresponding instructions of EODY.

ΙΖ. Commercial stores within accommodation
Operation of these stores in accordance with the current legal framework and the corresponding instructions of EODY.

ΙΗ. Common areas (open / closed) – lobby, living rooms, outdoor seating (excluding those around swimming pools).

ΙΘ. Are seats available on the seafront in accordance with applicable law?

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