This is how the Greek health safety (covid) map works

The new map of the Greek government for Health Safety and Protection from the coronavirus was published by Nikos Hardalias.

Mr. Hardalias, during the briefing on the coronavirus , referred extensively to the epidemiological map of the pandemic that is being implemented. As he stressed, the map will be updated every 14 days or more often, when the conditions require it.

As Mr. Hardalias said, this is a framework of categorized and targeted local measures for the safe and smooth continuation of economic and social life for all of Greece.

The map includes four levels of precautionary measures and rules for each regional unit of the country. That is, it includes the 74 regional units of Greece in levels of health safety and protection with corresponding packages of measures, which apply to all.

Health safety map: The 4 levels
The map of health safety and protection from the coronavirus (on the website includes 4 levels of preventive measures and rules for each regional unit of the country:

Level 1: readiness
Level 2: surveillance
Level 3: increased surveillance
Level 4: increased risk
The determination of the alarm level in each area depends on the increasing or decreasing trend of epidemiological variables, such as the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the completeness indicators of the Health system (eg used single beds and beds of Intensive Care Units) and the quality characteristics of the epidemiological situation, as reflected by the trace data.

The geographical reference and implementation of the measures is carried out at the level of the regional unit, unless exceptional circumstances arise, according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection, which justify exceptions at the local level within the regional unit.

The information about the precautionary measures in each region of the country can be done in three ways: a) by entering a postal code in the relevant field, b) by selecting the regional unit from the relevant menu, c) by clicking on the area of ​​interest on the map .

The map will be updated every 14 days based on the recommendations of a special committee of infectious diseases of the Ministry of Health, or more often, when required by the health and epidemiological indicators.

The definition of measures and rules is subject to modification based on the latest scientific and research data.

The health insurance map
How the map works
Entering the website ,every citizen has the opportunity to see in detail the measures that apply in each Regional Unit. As you will see, the Peripheral Units have different colors, reflecting the level at which they are located. Each level has different measures. By clicking on the P.E. that you are interested in, there is an option to read in detail what measures are in force.

Pierrakakis: The map is needed as we found that there was a gap
As the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, explained, this map is needed “because we found that there was a gap in terms of the possibility of direct location of information at the local level. We have identified the need for a central point, where all the measures that are currently in force in the country by region will be gathered and it will be visualized on the Greek map “.

Mr. Pierrakakis explained that “there are four levels of precautionary measures and rules, depending on the cases that occur in each region: 1 – level of preparedness, 2 – level of surveillance, 3 – level of increased surveillance and 4 – level of increased risk. The determination of the level of risk depends on the trend of epidemiological quantities “. In fact, as he underlined, “each level includes a set of precautionary measures and rules. Simply put: what is allowed and what is forbidden in certain places – and under what conditions. At the moment, the sets of measures and rules are specialized up to the level of the regional unit. However, if deemed appropriate in the future, this specialization can be done on a smaller scale “.

The map gives citizens two options: either to click on the point of the map they are interested in, to see the level to which the area belongs, or to enter the postal code of the area they are looking for and to redirect the page to the relevant point of the map. Immediately after, clicking “show me the measures” will open per level all the measures that apply in the area.

Finally, the Minister of Digital Government clarified that “the map we present today is an idea of ​​civil society – in particular, we caught it for the first time in a post by the founder of a well-known start-up. I repeat that we are open to the ideas and proposals submitted to us by citizens and institutions. We evaluate and implement those that are compatible with our design and produce added value. By working together we can have better results for everyone. The criticality of the period does not allow many words. Tools like the one we present today do not come to replace individual and social responsibility, but to help us all stay awake. We follow the instructions of the experts, we wear a mask, we keep our distance, we observe the personal hygiene measures “.

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