This is the map of the unvaccinated all over Greece – The red areas for those over 60

To pave the way for vaccination, which in 68 of the 74 Regional Units of the country, according to the map revealed  on Sunday is below 70% in the general population the government is seeking with the new mix of measures for the unvaccinated that come into force from tomorrow.

Although the picture is better for citizens over the age of 60, 24 Regional Units are below the 70% barrier, with Evritania stuck at 37%.

It is followed by Fokida with 52% and Arcadia with 59%, while in the “red” of the vaccination map are many areas of Northern Greece (Kilkis, Drama, Serres, Halkidiki, Pella, Pieria, Florina, Arta, Kavala, Grevena). In 30 regions of the country, the age category of 60 years and over has been vaccinated at a rate of 70% to 78% and only in 19 Regional Units exceed 80%.

Most of them are island areas, which seem to have participated en masse in the “Blue Freedom” program, while one of the reasons for the high percentages they record, especially some islands, such as Ikaria (102%), Karpathos (103 %) and Milos (109%), is the fact that many tourists or holiday home owners chose to get vaccinated during their summer vacation.

To maintain these rates, and given that this is the category of citizens most at risk of the virus, the Prime Minister stressed the need for a booster dose, clarifying that the indoor vaccination certificate for vaccinated over 60 years is no longer valid seven months after issuance of.

Evrytania is the tail

To the general population, as shown in the vaccination map of Greece presented today by “ET” on Sunday, the tail of the “Blue Freedom” program is again the Regional Unit of Evritania. However, Northern Greece also presents low percentages in all age categories, with Kilkis, Pieria and Drama showing vaccination rates below 50% and another 12 P.E. (Serres, Pella, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Evros, Florina, Xanthi, Kavala, Grevena, Rodopi, Kastoria, Larissa) not to exceed 60%, a fact that is reflected in the suffocating pressure received by the National Health System recently.

On the contrary, only 6 Regional Units have managed to exceed 70%, with Mykonos as the champion (80%), followed by Santorini (79%), Milos (75%), Paros (73%) and Kos (73%). ).

Finally, in the capital, West Attica has a negative lead in vaccinations with 45%, followed by Eastern Attica with 55%, the Western Sector of Athens with 62%, the Central and Southern Sector with 66% and 67% respectively, while the race drags the Northern Sector with 72%.

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