This is the Rottweiler that killed the infant in Glyka Nera (Athens)


A baby girl just two months old died after being assaulted inside her home by the family-owned Rottweiler in a suburb of Athens.

According to a statement issued by the Penteli Children’s Hospital where she was transferred, the unfortunate little girl did not respond to stimuli, had no breathing, no cardiac function, and a 30-minute cardiopulmonary resuscitation followed.

Police are investigating the circumstances under which the infant lost her life. The baby was brought by her 35-year-old mother at Penteli Children’s Hospital shortly before 10:00 am, where doctors found her dead. The mother is in a state of shock, and she is currently provided with psychological support by ELAS psychologists who have rushed to the scene.

The father and grandmother of the unfortunate infant herself were taken to the Paiania Police Department, charged with homicide by negligence and exposure of a minor to danger.

It is noted that the family has three other children, and, according to neighbours’ reports to the police, the dog, a Rottweiler breed , was usually on the balcony of the house.

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