This is the VAN study of seismic Potential in our area has secured and presented to you the study sent by the Van team, through the Director of Geodynamic Institute, Akis Tselentis , to the Special Scientific Committee on Seismic Risk Assessment. This investigation has caused a war between the Commissioners and the Director of the Geodynamic Institute.

The committee, through a communication and interviews from its members, characterizes the research as general and indefinite. On the other hand, Akis Tselentis , wishing to defend the research, showed a map on SKAI’s television, indicating that the area is specific (located within a circle on the map) and the time of seismic activity is determined within a two- up to three months, stressing that this map has sent it to committee chairman Costas Makropoulos.

This is the BAN survey that only presents you

Speaking at, chairman of the Special Scientific Committee on Seismic Risk Assessment, Kostas Makropoulos , stressed that the map published by Mr Tselentis has nothing to do with the map sent to the committee and is in the group’s research VAN.

“In the BAN study there is a map with a circle, with a radius from Patra 225 km. It even reaches Athens, reaches over Giannena, catches all the Peloponnese. It covers almost 2/3 of Greece. It is another map she showed today on SKAI’s TV, and he was sent to me at some point, Mr Tselentis from the one he sent to the committee. Is there no such map in the BAN group’s work? “ , Queries the chairman of the Special Scientific Committee for Seismic Risk Assessment.

At the same time, Kostas Makropoulos calls through ” the tones to fall because we have to think about both the psychological situation of the inhabitants of these regions and the impact on our economy in tourism.” 


He continues: “Mr. Tselentis sent me a message that wrote  ” Dear Kostas, I send to you and to the members of the Commission the following publication of Mr Varotsos . ” Soon afterwards, I shared it to the other nineteen members of the committee, to all members, asking for their scientific opinion and, in parallel, in consultation with the President of the OASP, Mr. Lekka, I sent a confidential document to the Authority that I had to send it out of the law. I attached them to the study and I, and I and the president of OASP, expressed our opinion, recommending some measures to be taken. We sent it to the ministry that was supposed to, the Authority that was supposed to. Who would I send her, if not where she had to take action? In all Regions, across Greece, there is a contingency plan. “

I still expect a response from the Van group

Kostas Makropoulos says he tried to contact the BAN team to ask for more clarifications, without getting an answer. “When I got the BAN team working, I tried to communicate with them, asking for more details. I sent them two letters. They did not answer, emphasizing the social dimension that exists. Because this research was not clear, I asked them to become clearer. And I’m still waiting. And today, we are talking. ” 

Finally, Kostas Makropoulos reports that the studies sent by the BAN team are about earthquakes equal to or greater than 6 Richter and adds: “Since the BAN team started in 1981, I was one of the first to be next to them. Because of the earthquake of Alkyonides, in the area of ​​Corinth, we with the portable seismographs and the three of the group, then, first applied and tempered their method. So, since 1981 I know them. I consider it a remarkable scientific team. End of story”.


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