THIS MORNING SEISMOS A good remembrance from Enceladus the permanent resident of our island. A 3.2 magnitude Richter earthquake occurred on Friday morning (06.20am) on Friday 9km NG of Argostoli. The earthquake was particularly felt in Argostoli but did not cause any concern.

However Six years ago this weekend were the MAJOR earthquakes of 2014 

The calendar said Sunday January 26, 2014 and the clock showed 4 pm-5pm. A strong seismic vibration of 6.1 on the Richter scale, focusing on the southwest coast of Kefalonia, and specifically about 9 km southwest of Lixouri, shakes Kefalonia and is perceived throughout much of Greece. Huge damage to most of the island and mainly to Lixouri and the villages of Paliki.
A few days later Monday 3 February at 5.08 in the early morning a new powerful 5.8 magnitude Richter earthquake with a focus on the West Coast of Kefalonia was discovered, causing the damage of the first earthquake.
Post-seismic vibrations persist for some time.

Source FB post of Akis Zelentis