This Weekend “judges” whether there will be a total lockdown or not

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Weekend “judges” whether there will be a total lockdown or not. Mitsotakis warns and makes decisions from Monday! 

Thoughts and end of flights to and from Greece

The proposal has been on the table for a week now, but – as has repeatedly written – the government considers it to be the last resort and should proceed only if the situation does not return.

So the weekend will be the one to judge developments and whether there will be a ban, and Mr Mitsotakis made it very clear in his message: “It is up to us all and our behavior if the government finally needs to take even more action restrictive measures, “he said. What does this mean; That no one in Maximos would want to see people go careless on weekends at parks, beaches or anywhere else.

How to get a ban

In any case, the traffic ban will not be absolute. The French model will be implemented, which allows for specific movements for specific reasons: work, medical assistance, purchase of medicines, supply of food from supermarkets and other stores.

Already a restriction has been imposed with the measure banning more than 10 people, while messages received by the government from experts insist that the next 2-3 weeks will be the most critical for pandemic development and system resilience. health.

Thoughts to stop flights

Finally, the possibility of a ban on foreign flights to and from Greece is also a scenario that has fallen to the table but no specific decision has been taken.

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