This Years ENFIA now “live” on TAXISnet

From 7.00 pm today, one day before the initial planning, AADE is gradually starting to post the personal accounts of 7.3 million liquidated property owners with the reduced ENFIA 2019.

The ENFIA reduction is 30% for smallholders and the middle class while it is 10% for higher value real estate. These are the reductions announced and voted by the new government in the House a year earlier in the run-up to the ENFIA campaign.

The tax will be paid in 5 installments with the deadline for payment of the first installment ending at the end of September and the last at the end of January 2020.

The percentages of the reduction of ENFIA, compared to the tax paid last year, are as follows:

30% for real estate value up to 60,000 euros
27% for real estate value up to 70,000 euros
25% for real estate value up to 80,000 euros
20% for real estate value up to 1,000,000 euros
10% for real estate value over EUR 1,000,000

Complete exemption from ENFIA will be granted on the basis of income and other criteria to families with three or more children and those with a disability of 80% or more.
Specifically, with regard to the 100% exemption criterion of income from ENFIA, married with 3 dependent members should have an annual family income (actual or implicit) of up to 16,000 euros, married with 4 dependent members up to 17,000 euros, with five dependent members 18,000 euro coke. In the case of a married couple with two dependents where one has an 80% disability and above the income criterion is set at 15,000 euros. These incomes are for 2018 and were reported to the tax office this year. Also, the total area of ​​the buildings occupied by the taxpayer and other members of his family shall not exceed 150 square meters.

The reduced amount of tax resulting from the new provisions will result in an additional 50% deduction of ENFIA based on the following criteria:

The total annual taxable family income in 2018 shall not exceed EUR 9,000 in the case of unmarried persons, EUR 10,000 in the case of a couple without children, EUR 11,000 in a couple with one child and EUR 12,000 in a couple with two children.
The total area of ​​the family buildings shall not exceed 150 square meters and the total objective value of the real estate shall be up to 85,000 euro for single, 150,000 euro for single child or single parent family and 200,000 euro if married up to two dependent children or a single parent family with two dependent children.

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