This years (social media viral) Jumbo Christmas advert explained

Looking at the ad, whether you got tears or not, the first thing you realise is that this ad has nothing to do with Jumbo’s predecessors.

Jumbo’s new ad goes viral
But this year, Jumbo’s are changing. This year’s advertisement is dedicated to the Greater Greece of the sea and the souls of its people. A soul that blooms through the iconic music of Stavros Xarchakos from the movie “Red Lanterns”.

Central to the new Jumbo commercial is a sailor who sits somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on Christmas and talks wirelessly with his wife and son. After the young man tells him that Santa Claus has given him a fire brigade set, he asks him what he got himself, with the sailor freezing for a moment. And then, seeing a bag from Jumbo, he begins to tell him the gift he received from every port he visited on his journey. The video closes with the father, clearly excited and with tears in his eyes, in his bunk and reminiscing about the moments he has with his family.

Social media is crying

Did you become a #jumbo ad or did I look at you?
I think the best #jumbo ad is this year with sailors!
Ever #jumbo with Christmas advertising …
I was thinking that the most moving Christmas advertisement was that of the popular lottery with grandfather and car in the grandson. This year #jumbo hit the spotlight after many stupid ads. Power to those who travel in seas and winds!
I never thought I’d say that but the #jumbo ad is epic ..
I think for the first time #jumbo’s got a great and serious ad , I never expected to say it but DONE !!!!!
Christmas advertising Jumbo and soundtracks from Red Lantern, I would say explosive combination
Well a lot of crying with the new #jumbo ad , the music is especially killing
Who did this year’s #jumbo Christmas ad ? I’m still collecting my tears! Well done!

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2 thoughts on “This years (social media viral) Jumbo Christmas advert explained

  • December 19, 2019 at 10:40 am

    The commercial is so bad! For me, it’s like a cheap Turkish TV drama. The music and the wife’s voice are soooo dramatic.
    There is a petition in Bulgaria where people ask this ad to be stopped.
    So many families feel bad when they see it because their relatives will not be with them during the holidays.
    That isn’t something which makes you feel like shopping.

  • December 23, 2019 at 3:09 am

    Are you joking? This is the most awful ad I have seen recently. Today at the JUMBO store in Sofia this ad was playing at high volume each 5 minutes from the radios inside the store. It was so miserable and annoying experience that I just left. The ad has no meaningful message, it does not creates sympathy for the sailor, if that is the purpose, and has nothing to do with the Xmas mood. It even is kind of offending and mocking people spending much time far from their families. Combine it with poor soundtrack and poor translation makes it really, really bad choice. Jumbo is not moving in the right direction….


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