Thomas Cook: Anxious cry of hoteliers in Greece

Dominant financial problems in a number of tourism professions are brought about by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and the trapping of thousands of tourists from European countries to Greece.

Speaking to, the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers Gregory Tasios expresses his concern over hotel payments, saying the losses will amount to millions of euros.


“The foremost” emphasizes Mr. Tassios, “is the repatriation of the company’s customers.” “There are not only Britons but also Germans, Dutch and Belgians,” he says, adding that “we and our customers are lost, but with good management the next day Greece can be won.”

He explains that no hotelier intends to remove clients who had booked accommodation packages with Thomas Cook. “We do not intend to remove any customers. We need to provide them with a proper stay in order to return to Greece. Don’t do that in Tunisia where they wanted to be persecuted, ”he says.

“We’ll eat a pistol”

However, it is pessimistic about payments. Although earlier Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis explained that the British government would reimburse hotels for the packages that customers had paid to Thomas Cook for the period from now on, Mr Tassios has a different opinion.

“We are waiting to see if and what the British state will pay. We have no updates at this time. I don’t think there will be any payments. We’ll eat a pistol. Pure pistol. Hotels will not be charged for guest accommodation. This is a given. We’re talking about millions of euros of loss. It was common to repay amounts for 60 days. Basically it had been paid to the company since July and is in the air. These are the data we have “ , he says in


“We will go to the courts”

In any case, Mr. Tassios explains to that hoteliers intend to seek legal redress. “Of course we will follow suit,” he adds, adding: “We will see if we will ask for the sale of the company’s assets in Greece. After all, it has little interest in our country, and in these cases the banks have the highest priority. We have to work with the state to see how we manage things. “

In closing, he points out the need to cooperate with the state in order to resolve as soon as possible the major problems caused by the bankruptcy of the tourism industry. “We need to look at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism on the issues of VAT, residence tax and usage tax throughout turnover and therefore loans.” mentions attributes.

Great worry in Rhodes And Kos

Rhodes and Kos have been deeply concerned over the bankruptcy of the Thomas Cook Tourism Organization.

Early in the morning when the news became known, despite the fact that it was suspected in the past, there is considerable concern, especially among hoteliers who have several debts that their size cannot be estimated at this time. Of course, the debts are huge, since the tourism organization is one of the big presence and transports thousands of tourists every year to the Dodecanese.

There are also pending businessmen, puzzled over what to do with tourists already in Rhodes and Kos, who are nevertheless assured that they will return to their homes normally and without problems.

Huge damage to Sporades

In Sporades – and especially in Skiathos – where Britons have traditionally been 45-50% of tourists for decades, the announcement at the dawn of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy has caused much concern to islanders.
In Skiathos, which is the tourist destination of the North Aegean, business owners of large hotel units, who have been working with Thomas Cook for years, have spoken of a catastrophe and an uncertain tomorrow in the tourism industry.

“The financial exposures with Thomas Cook are so big that we don’t know if we can afford it. These days as the end of the season approaches, the hotel is full of Englishmen at 75% who will have to return. Of course there are insurance companies as well, but time is running out and banks will be pushing along too, ”said a businessman, one of Skiathos’s biggest hotels with more than 300 beds.

Another businessman in Skiathos estimated that “the damage is incalculable at the moment and cannot be assessed except in the long run. We have many tourists from England, people are panicked, but we will not leave them in God’s favor. Composure”.

The president of the Skiathos Hoteliers Association, Alekos Efstathiou , representing Thomas Cook in Sporades, spoke of “a major financial blow to tourism, and our first concern is to measure and record the number of customers the company should find a way to leave. the island. About 1800 to 2000 Britons are counting at this difficult time, those on our islands. The financial loss cannot be estimated at this time. You need calm. “

There are no problems at Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis airport, Fraport manager Stefanos Lambropoulos said, and said that this week there would be a total of 9 scheduled Thomas Cook flights, three on Wednesday, four on Friday and two on Friday. The insurance companies will cover the travelers and if there is a problem then the Skiathos municipality will also be accommodating the people. Already, we are working with two British Embassy officials who arrived at Skiathos at dawn to make it easier for the world and gave them space at the airport to do their job. “


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