Thomas Cook Collapse will cost Kefalonia and it’s businesses an estimated 1.8 million Euros

On the occasion of today, established as world tourism day, a meeting was held in the regional unity of cephalonia with the president of the tourist accommodation, the president of the tourist accommodation, the representative of the chamber, the tourist representative of Thomas Cook, regional consultants and representatives of the municipalities of the island.

The main theme of the meeting, the consequences of the collapse of the island of tourism.

Although the damage caused by Thomas Cook’s collapse is incalculable, with a first estimate, the directly affected professionals on our island amount to twenty-three and the amount of damage to 1.800.000 euros.

The proposals of the competent bodies were common and they called for the immediate relief of professional professionals from their tax obligations such as payment of tax., enfia etc.

On the part of the regional unit of cephalonia and Ithaca, the competent bodies were asked to submit memos in detail, In order to then and through the regional regional authorities to take account of the ministries responsible for action.

Source – FB post of Τραυλός Σταύρος, Αντιπεριφερειάρχης Κεφαλονιάς & Ιθάκης

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