Three (3) people arrested for theft in Kefalonia



Corfu, January 23, 2020

Three (3) people were arrested for theft in Kefalonia

Three (3) cases were resolved

They were arrested Wednesday morning (22-01-2020) by police officers of the Sami Police Department, two 22- and 23-year-old natives, and a 30-year-old citizen, for co-operating robberies, in homes in Kefalonia.

In particular, the three men were identified and arrested, directly by the police officers who were mobilized, as they reportedly had withdrawn from their residence in Sami Kefallini a short time ago (€ 570) and escaped with a car of 30 years.

During the follow-up investigations, 30-year-old truck was found and confiscated in specially designed spaces in the 30-year-old lorry, gold and high value jewelry part of which was identified as looted by two consecutive burglaries in houses in Kefa namely :

  • from a burglary in the Karavomilos area, on (20-01-2020), from which they deducted the sum of (660) euros
  • from the breach also of a house in Sami area on (18-12-2019), from which they deducted the sum of (850) euro and gold

A preliminary inquiry into the case was carried out by the Sami Police Department, which seized the car, which they were using during the robbery.

An additional portion of the money and gold seized was returned to their owners

The three detainees were taken to the Kefalonia Criminal Prosecutor’s Office, while investigations are ongoing into their possible involvement in other related cases.


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