Three proposals are being considered to ‘save’ tourism


The lengthening of the tourist season, the “shift” in the Greek tourist and the reduction of the tax package of the tourist package, are being discussed to make it possible this year, according to a report titled “Three Proposals to Save Tourism” , in the Business Stories insert of the newspaper “PROTO THEMA” which runs tomorrow, Sunday, March 29th.    

Note that:

1. The Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, speaking to ANT1 a few days ago, stated that a committee of the Ministry of Tourism is drafting scenarios in two directions: To extend the period as far as possible (ie October – November) and to schedule a holiday of domestic tourism.

2. The proposed measures of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) to restore the normal functioning of the economy and enhance the competitiveness of businesses (11/03/2020) were:

a. Reduction of VAT on accommodation to 6% and total catering to 13% in the period 01/07 / – 31/12/2020.

b. Reduction of VAT on domestic transport to 13% over the same period (from 24% today)

c. Strengthening tourist promotion activities.

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