Throughout Greece, they had “hit” the rogue circuit – they had earned over 600,000 euros


The criminal organization involved in systematic fraud, with dozens of casualties and disrupted by the Mesolongi Security Department, was spread across Greece.

The unlawful asset benefit that crooks have gained from their continued activity since July 2018 reaches 600,000 euros, while investigations continue to find out whether they are involved in other frauds.

Frauds were struck against businessmen, priests and other citizens, in Mesolongi, Aetoliko, Agrinio, Aegio, Corfu, Kefalonia, Ioannina, Thessaly, Western and Central Macedonia, Evia, Attica, Laconia, in Arcadia, Mytilene, Crete, the Cyclades, Rhodes, Kos and other islands in the Dodecanese.

Within a broad police operation in West Greece, Attica and Crete, 15 members of the criminal organization were arrested, all national and more specifically nine men aged 32 to 42 and six women aged 25 to 36.

Among these, he is also the 42-year-old leader of the organization, who is a prison cell for similar crimes he had committed in the same way in the past; however, he continues to discredit his criminal activity today by directing key members of the criminal organization and recruiting new , through prisons.

For example, in the last ten months, 47 regional members (24 men and 23 women who have been charged with offenses of involvement in a criminal organization and scam synergy) have been recruited for the past ten months, who have helped them basically and themselves, in committing fraud Greece, while 65 cases of frauds committed by members of the criminal organization against citizens across the Territory were detected.

At a press conference given to Messolongi for the presentation of the case, General Regional Police Director of Western Greece, Brigadier Nicholas Kotronias said: “I would like to warmly thank and congratulate the Governor and the staff of the Mesolongi Security Department Publicly for their successful handling of the particularly serious and pan-Hellenic case, because through their harsh and patient work, they provided important services in terms of security and the protection of citizens. “

The Director of the Police Department of Aitolia Police Director Ioannis Dalalanis added: “I would like to praise publicly and thank the Commander and the police officers of the Mesolongi Security Department for their method and persistence in the handling of this particularly serious case, but also the police officers of the other Services mentioned by Mr. Genikos, because they provided substantial help in the conduct of the investigations. “

The organization’s way of action was presented by the commander of the Mesolongi Security Department, Messinoglou A Christos Tsakalozos, and the head of the Public Affairs and Information Officer’s Office, Police II, Ignatios Triantafyllou.

The 42-year-old leader, having received from the other key members of the organization, details and telephones of the candidates, communicated with them and was usually presented as a bank manager, informing them that they are entitled to significant sums of money coming from:

– European subsidy programs (NSRF) for the renovation of tourist accommodation

– Programs for maintenance of temples

– Retrospective of the Clergy Fund (formerly TAKE)

– European Union subsidies for disaster recovery in homes and businesses in earthquake-stricken areas.

Subsequently, with the pretext of paying the relevant taxes from the victims and also indicating that the deadline for withdrawing subsidy money has expired over a period of time and that they will be permanently deleted within the same day, they have been forced to deposit large amounts of money into bank accounts.

In addition, the head of the criminal organization also coordinated the recruitment of new regional members, mainly from areas of the Prefectures of Attica and Ilia, convincing them, using their bank accounts, or creating new ones, in order to make deposits of money amounts of deceived citizens.

In order to communicate with members of the organization and victims, the 42-year-old had illegally imported into the prisons detained, at least six mobile phone devices and at least 10 SIM cards, with foreign-owned third country nationals, so that they could not easily be traced .


Further research has shown that some of the members of the criminal organization have tried to legitimize the money they obtained from their illegal activities, by setting up commercial operations and health care stores, while also being interested in buying high-value cars.

Also, in investigations carried out in the homes of the arrested, in the presence of a judicial officer, a number of mobile telephones and connections to corresponding telecommunications networks, a number of bank cards, photocopies of bank transactions, and a gun replica were found and seized.

In addition, an investigation carried out in the detention center held by the head of the organization, was found in the possession and confiscated an improvised knife, two mobile phones and two sim cards.

At the expense of the arrested, a corporeal case file was filed on the case-by-case offenses of formation and involvement in a criminal organization, repeated fraud, money laundering, and a violation of the Weapons Act, and were brought to the Prosecutor’s Office of the First Instance of Mesolonghi.


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