Thursday – The official decision on masks off for everyone outdoors

The steady decline in cases of coronavirus in our country, lately, now paves the way for the abolition of the use of masks outdoors.

The decision is expected to be taken by the committee of experts during the regular meeting, on Thursday 24 June, with the majority of its members now openly in favor of the decision and its immediate implementation.

In the matter stated government spokesman Aristotelia Peloni , saying that: “We all hope that we can draw close to the masks outdoors given the epidemiological picture. In any case, this is a decision that should be made by experts evaluating all the data. The issue will be discussed in the committee of experts within the week “.

The masks comes off outdoors for vaccinated or not- On Thursday the decision of the experts
Asked about this, the Professor of Infectious Diseases Pathology at the University of Crete and member of the committee of experts, Mr. Achilleas Gikas, clarifies through that “it is time to take off the masks outdoors, under certain conditions”. …

This mood, as he says, is recorded by almost all fellow scientists and lies in the fact that now the cases in our country are almost zero and continue the downward trend. “The decline of the epidemic now gives us the opportunity to give the ‘green’ light. Of course, this in no way constitutes complacency of the citizens “, Mr. Gikas emphasizes, calling on the citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Vaccinations of citizens must be accelerated
“We are back to vaccinations. “We have to hurry and take advantage of the summer to be ready for the autumn,” explains the member of the expert committee of the Ministry of Health.
In a statement on SKAI TV, another member of the committee, Professor of Microbiology, Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, noted that “until the beginning of 2022 we will treat the coronary as a flu” and said, among other things, that in the coming weeks we will release masks outdoors. However, he recommends using the mask where there is congestion.
As he pointed out, the good news is that this year we have the vaccinations that are progressing, as well as more diagnostic possibilities that are easier than last year (self test, rapid test), while the bad news is the variants of the virus that make it more contagious. 
He noted that the vaccinated are covered in them, however, there is a fear that through the creation of mutations can be created mutations resistant to vaccines as is done with germs in antibiotics. 

Who will be affected by the removal of the mask – What will happen indoors
According to the same information, the abolition of the use of the mask will affect all citizens during their stay outdoors regardless of whether or not they have completed their vaccination. However, in outdoor areas where co-painting is expected, such as e.g. in means of transport, stadiums, concert venues, etc. experts will suggest, according to all information, the use of the mask to be mandatory.

Finally, with regard to indoor environments, scientists suggest that the measure be continued as it is not yet easy to control and separate vaccinated or non-vaccinated individuals when entering indoor environments. However, the government is working on a plan on how such a project could be technically supported by presenting the vaccination certificate and verifying its authenticity. In any case, according to experts, from an epidemiological and vaccination point of view, the measures can be relaxed.

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