To serve e-EFKA and OAED, we stay home -How do digital services work (no cold visits to the offices permitted)

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs with Yiannis Broutsis in the context of tackling the coronation and the need for digital transformation is radically changing the way we serve e-EFKA and OAED.

Specifically, as of tomorrow 16 March 2020 all transactions of e-EFKA and OAED with the citizens will be done without queues and waiting, either on their respective websites or with scheduled appointments at branches throughout Greece.

In support of this, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Yiannis Vroutsis, cited: “For the service of e-EFKA and OAED WE ARE A HOUSE! We are using the new digital services. We submit our request electronically and visit natural structures only after an appointment. ”

Information from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in the context of addressing the challenge of the coronation and the need for digital transformation in all its services, is radically changing the way it is served by the country’s two largest social arms, e-EFKA and OAED. Specifically, as of tomorrow 16 March 2020 all transactions of e-EFKA and OAED with the citizens will be done without queues and waiting, either on their respective websites or with scheduled appointments at branches throughout Greece.

So we come closer to what we as a government are committed to and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself had announced. An efficient, functioning, modern, bureaucratic state that respects and serves the citizen and business

In the difficult times we are experiencing, e-EFKA Administrator Christos Halaris and OAED Commander Spyros Protopsaltis have accelerated the launch of digital transformation in both organizations, helping to limit citizens’ mobility and dramatically reduce their services.

In particular, aiming at the integrated service of citizens and businesses, e-EFKA and OAED are redesigning the way of serving the citizens with emphasis on utilizing the electronic services provided on their websites and www. respectively.

At the same time, they suspend the physical presence transaction for all services provided electronically and introduce the physical presence of the public on Monday 16 March 2020 only after a scheduled appointment.

Especially since tomorrow morning the existing e-EFSA and OAED online services are now becoming mandatory for all traders. For those transactions that have not yet been completed, the digital transformation is scheduled as follows:

a. At e-EFKA, insureds, employers and retirees will submit their claim by phone or online at by selecting the category of claim, the appropriate branch and filling out the claim description. They will then receive an e-mail or phone call and will be called to the branch at a specific time to serve.

b. At OAED, all unemployed will submit their request to by selecting the request category and the appropriate Employment Promotion Center (KM2). They will then receive an e-mail or phone call and will be called at a specific time in KP2 to serve.

It is noted that the electronic services of e-EFSA and OAED which are now becoming mandatory are the following:


  • The printing of AMKA certificates, which the insured and pensioners can print from the website, option “Do I have AMKA?”
  • The provision of information on the existence or non-insurance capacity. Insurers and retirees can search for relevant information at, the option “Insurance Capacity”. It is noted that on 15/3/2020 the insurance capacity was extended to 30/4/2020 to 40,941 indirect insurers who had insurance capacity on 29/2/2020.
  • Payments of arrears or settlement installments to the Services of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which will be executed electronically through the DIAS Banking System using the respective Debtor ID.
  • Registration of renewal of residence permit for the granting of insurance capacity to residents of countries outside the European Economic Area. In such cases, a file will be processed by the General Secretariat for Migration Policy and the beneficiaries will be automatically granted insurance capacity. Exceptionally, only cases where there is evidence of immediate medical need are served.
  • The Issue of an Individual Insurance Account Excerpt. Insured persons can print it on the e-EFKA website, under Insured → Online Insured Services → Individual Employee Insurance Account.
  • The issuance of a European Health Insurance Card. The insured will apply from the noon of Monday, March 16, 2020 to the e-EFKA website, under the option of Insured → Online Insured Services Α EKSA Version. Submitting the application will be able to print the Temporary Replacement Certificate (PDA) and then mail the card to their address.
  • The issue of a Service Certificate for use in ASEP competitions, among others. The insured will receive the confirmation on the e-EFKA website from noon on Monday 16 March 2020 under the option of Insured τρο Online Insured Services Προ Issue of Service Certificate.
  • Providing information on the course of pension claims submitted from 1/1/2017, which the insured will receive on the e-EFKA website, through the selection of Pensioners Πο Application Track Monitoring.
  • Submission of new main pension and subsidiary applications for the former ETEAM. Insured persons will submit their claim on the e-EFKA website ( under: Pensioners → Online Retirement Application. They will then be notified electronically to submit the necessary supporting documents by appointment to the appropriate branch.

Applying for the Long-Term Unemployed Allowance.
Applying for the Unemployment Aid independently and independently employed.
Applying for Special Seasonal Assistance.
Applying for Special Assistance after the unemployment subsidy expires.
Applying for the Special Assistance after a 3 month stay in the Registry.
Applying for Special Assistance to those who have been deprived of their liberty.
Applying for Special Assistance due to job search.
Applying for Special Maternity Protection.
Applying for Supplemental Maternity Benefit.
Applying for a Student / Student License.
Issuing a Unemployment Time Certificate.
Issuing a Unemployment Benefit Certificate.
The issuance of a Personalized Approach Certificate.
Issuing an Unemployment Certificate to provide medical care to the unemployed.
Issuing a Certificate of Optional Long-Term Unemployment Insurance for Old Age Pension Eligibility.
Issuing a Self-Insurance Certificate.
All OAED online services can be found here:
Also, the mandatory declaration of the presence of the subsidized unemployed until 31.03.2020 will be sent by e-mail to the competent KP2, stating that the unemployed person is still eligible for the subsidy.

The email addresses of the KFP2 can be found here:
Finally, all job interviews with jobseekers, whether scheduled or scheduled, will be conducted by telephone rather than in person.

To find the KP2 you belong to based on your address, click here:
For any other information, traders are kindly requested to contact the OAED telephone service at 11320 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 14:30, urban time).

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