Today in Ithaca the vaccination of the citizens begins

Today is a big day for Ithaca as the vaccination of residents aged 60 to 80 begins.

649 permanent residents were registered, of which the first 60 will be vaccinated today, Saturday 27/02/2021.

Vaccinations will follow on Monday 01/03/2021 and in the following days according to the instructions of the Ithaca Health Center after telephone appointments.

We are in constant collaboration with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection to immediately start the process for the younger ages.

With this process we are taking a first and big step to shield and prevent the spread of the pandemic and ensure public health on our island.

To warmly thank the staff of the Health Center of Ithaca, the employees of the Municipality, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and those who helped and contribute to the achievement of this project.

I would also like to thank all of you who with your consistency and conscientiousness become helpers and each one with his individual intention finally composes together with the others a whole that lays a solid foundation in our local community for the group treatment of the virus.

The efforts of all of us continue, filling us with optimism for recovery.

Dionisis Stanitsas

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