Today is World Stray Animals Day –

Animal welfare organizations call on each of us to adopt an animal or to support programs and campaigns to protect them.

April 4 was chosen as World Animal Day for three reasons:

  • It’s just the middle of October 4th, which is celebrated as World Animal Day.
  • It is an easy-to-remember date (4/4).
  • There is no other holiday worth mentioning on this day.

The message of the Animal Welfare Organization 

In these critical times for humanity, the thinking of all of us is close to the people who are victims of the pandemic. We wish this tragedy to end soon.

Once again, man stands helpless against the omnipotence of nature and feels that nature, like the universe, does not define itself.

Our strength to survive is love. Everything that man creates with love and with love he offers to his fellow man and his environment. Everything that is far from arrogance and conceit.

These hours we have to show love to stray animals, because they are completely dependent on us. Our stay at home has led to their neglect. In starvation from lack of food, in abandonment, in reduction of sterilization.

On the other hand, we see animals once again being man’s best friend. Those who have an animal are better able to cope with the psychological burden caused by the restriction at home and the deprivation of daily activities and social contacts.

So I don’t forget the animals and I take care of them in the following ways:

– I put some food and water for stray animals

– I offer food to the Animal Welfare Organization

– I sterilize my dog ​​or cat

– I adopt stray animals and I do not buy from farms.


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