Today the first flight of Jet2 on our island – Estimates for the season of Th. Karapetsas, representative of the company

At the Airport of Kefalonia we met today, July 19, 2021, Mr. Thanasis Karapetsas, representative of the large international Tour Operator Jet2 shortly before the arrival of the flight.

Today Jet2 brought the first flight of the season to our island. Imagine! July 19 the first flight in Kefalonia of the second in global dynamics TO!

Mr. Karapetsas refers to the details of the flight and the prospects of his company’s arrivals for the coming months.

However, we had a long time to see Mr. Karapetsas with a smile! Optimistic about the future!

Listen to him.

How full is Mr. Karapetsa’s Jet2 plane coming?

It is the first day that Jet2 starts its program in Kefalonia. The fullness of the plane was about half the seats. In the coming days and until the end of the week we will have another seven (7) flights in total. We go with the hope that in the 2nd and 3rd week the flights will increase. The course of the reservations and the feedback that the customers who will come today will show, what they will say back to their homeland ..

Is there any interest from the British market for the coming months until October, for Kefalonia?

For Kefalonia as for the rest of Greece, the British market, the specific market that we refer to due to the facts that we have said many times and we all know them are less than what we expected. We expected more bookings, they will not happen, they are not what is expected, however we keep our optimism that the tourist product of the year will improve and we will do better.

And these flights that started now from organized tourism, because the flights had started earlier than the end of May from other companies for individuals, but the Jet 2 that started today will go organized tourists to areas that will breathe like Lassi, Svoronata , Skala, Lourdas, Lixouri, areas that were in a difficult situation will receive tourists from today, the climate will improve. Of course it has nothing to do with the years we knew with 2019, 2018… but at least we are optimistic that we will do better and reach a point that will allow us to say that we did something this summer and it was not lost.

You said last year, Mr. Karapetsa, that the island must remain open.

The island must be left open. We have to be very careful, there is nothing given and especially the current situation makes us pay double and triple because we do not know what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow based on the epidemiological data. We see what is happening around us, in other countries, destinations have opened and closed. This will be the worst if it happens. That is why we must be very careful. Keeping the protocols and those who have not been vaccinated should think twice.

How will your passengers be checked at the Airport?

The information I have is that all passengers are passing the test. Today we will time the delays, we will see how the control measures worked in practice and if necessary we will make some intervention. These are not regulated by us, they are regulated by the services but if something comes to our notice we will inform.

Thank you very much, we wish you more Jet2 flights

And I thank you very much. Optimism to all and a little patience with the hope that the coming months will be better ..


Photos from the first arrival of Jet2 for 2021!



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Journalist  – MAKIS LEKATSAS


One thought on “Today the first flight of Jet2 on our island – Estimates for the season of Th. Karapetsas, representative of the company

  • July 20, 2021 at 12:01 am

    My husband and I have been coming over to the beautiful Island-of Kefalonia for the past 22 years. We have holiday booked with Tui for 29th August for 2 weeks. Not heard anything contrary from them YET but feel they will probably cancel. How I wish they’d let us know soon and then we could get our refund and fly JET 2. Everyday praying to come over. The anxiety is ruining what should be such a joy. If Jet 2 are flying from Bristol and other airports, why are TUI dragging their feet?


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