Today, all the public workers will strike!

Prefectural Department (NT) of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY


Withdrawal of the amendment on the dismissals of alternate teachers !!!

THURSDAY 17 GENARAL 24 HOURS EXPERIENCE at DIMOSSIO and 11 am meeting at Teacher’s House.

In the context of the 24-day pandemic strike on Thursday, Jan 17, against the amendment to the dismissal of substitute teachers, the NA of Kefalonia-Ithaca ADEDY called for a joint venture of unions of its power and joint action. It is a case of all of us claiming the right to permanent stable work, filling the gaps in the schools, to exclusively public and free education. We are strengthening the struggle for the school to meet the needs of the children of the working-class folk family.

We claim:

  • Take back now the draft barrier law – to withdraw the amendment!
  • We do not negotiate the work of a deputy, we do not haggle a job of any colleague!
  • Immerse here and now all the contract staff – deputy colleagues who have been working in recent years in education. Nobody laid off!
  • At least 30,000 direct permanent appointments to meet the elementary needs of schools. This is the only way to open the way to younger colleagues!
  • Abolition of Law No. 3848 and the entire reactive legislative framework, leading to a reasonable qualification for appointments. The diploma is the only workload.

No compromise with unpopular politics, lasting memorandums and the crushing of our rights to the profits of the few. Our lives and our rights are not haggling.

The DA of Kefalonia – Ithaca, ADEDY, on the day of the strike, invites all colleagues from the public, in a joint meeting with ELME-KI and the Teachers ‘Association, at Teachers’ House, at 11am.

Argostoli 16/01/2019

The president The Secretary
Dimitris Mantzouratos Sophia Misalidou

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