Tourism: 38% of Britons will travel in 2019 without insurance

About 8.6 million Britons will travel this summer without travel insurance, according to a survey of the British Travel Agents Association (ABTA). This figure represents 38% of Britons traveling abroad, while in 2018 this figure was 21%.

Through a Foreign Ministry campaign, ABTA encourages holiday makers to make travel insurance as soon as they book their holidays and ensure that insurance covers all medical cases or activities they have planned.

ABTA also advises travelers to keep a copy of the policy together with the insurer during their holidays, as it was found that only 1/3 of those who had travel insurance had the insurance company’s details with them. Also, only 13% had left this information to family or friends.

Julia Longbottom, head of consular services at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, said: “Most people enjoy vacation without problems abroad, but I’m worried about this new evidence that many British holidaymakers continue to travel without insurance. to pay thousands of pounds for medical services.It is important to know that the Foreign Ministry can not fund medical services to the British if they become sick or hospitalized when they are stuck abroad “.


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