Tourism, Patras: More than 1,000 passengers are expected at the port on Thursday

Sea tourism opens and more than 1,000 passengers are expected to arrive tomorrow in the port of Patras, after about 3.5 months.

With seven ships that will have sailed from Italian ports, while today at noon two ships from Italy arrived, carrying dozens of trucks with their drivers.

Essentially, the inspections at the port started today and were undertaken by executives of the central port authority and EODY. In particular, a Coast Guard ladder was located at the piers of the port and was checking the unique barcode numbers of the truck drivers, who had already completed the relevant form.

Subsequently, based on these checks, a new inspection was carried out for a corona from a ladder of EODY that had been installed at the exit gate of the port, while at the same time what is provided by the relevant protocol was applied. As the CEO of the Patras Port Authority, Panagiotis Tsonis, stated in his statements, “together with the Central Port Authority of Patras, Nikos Matoulas, we supervised all the procedures and I can say that the control system works.”

200 tourists are expected on Thursday
He added that “seven ships with about 150 to 200 passengers each are expected to arrive tomorrow and in addition to the controls, our concern is not to create a traffic problem in the port.” As he explained, “we are taking all the necessary measures at the port, so that there is no delay in both unloading and loading of ships.” It is recalled that the transport of passengers by ship to and from the ports of Italy had stopped since the middle of last March, due to the corona, while the ships were still transporting trucks.

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