Tourism: The whole plan of the government – This is how Greece will open its gates (initial article)

The plan to strengthen health structures in the island country and open Greece to tourism , announced Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias and Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis, in the presence of government spokesman Stelios Petsas

For his part, Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said that “we have committed 446 simple beds and 19 ICU beds for covid19 in the islands and can be increased directly to 674 simple beds and 79 ICU beds, if necessary” and added that “the centers and structures on all the islands have been equipped and operate 24 hours / 24 hours “, while as he said” the doctors have been strengthened on the islands, trainings and readiness exercises have been carried out “.

According to him, “Mobile Health Units will conduct tests, collect data on epidemiological research and enhance tracking”, while “Floating Health Teams will work with municipalities of small islands, conduct tests and support EODY, in voluntary cooperation with NGOs “.

“There is a need to develop rapid molecular tests, so we are putting small analysts on the islands,” said Vassilis Kikilias, adding that “additional molecular analyzers (PCR testing) will be installed on other islands.”

“We have 11 capsules (negative pressure) for air transportation, we will supply more,” Mr. Kikilias added, adding that “the floating transfers will be made from the available floating means or by individuals, if necessary.”

They explained how to strengthen the Health Structures on the islands, how to take samples and the arrivals of tourists. They noted that there will be an interconnection of the islands with reference centers and emphasis will be placed on testing, while patients will be transported by planes and vessels.

Petsas: We need to show individual responsibility and collective maturity
“The plan presented by the Minister of Health reminds how important is the work done by all the staff of the Ministry of Health and other co-responsible ministries so that we can all enjoy a safe summer, especially this year with the development of the pandemic. It reminds all of us of the need to continue to show individual responsibility and collective maturity “, stressed the government spokesman Stelios Petsas after the announcement of the plan to strengthen the health structures in the islands by the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias.

“We are opening our gates to the world but it is clear that we are not done with the crown. We are proceeding with a plan so that we have implemented our first priority, which is safety for residents and visitors, “said Mr. Petsas.

The Health Services Plan for the Island

The plan for the opening of Tourism
Harris Theocharis spoke about the opening plan of tourism, during the announcements for the health structures in the islands. “We can announce very pleasant things for the opening of our country. The bridge to normalcy is already paved. I remind you that our country was the first to announce that it will open tourism “, said the Minister of Tourism.

According to him, the ban on flights from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands will be lifted from 15/6, while the arrival of ships from abroad is still prohibited on sea arrivals. Only pleasure crews are allowed on board.

Mr. Theocharis stressed that from July 1, “we have arrivals at all airports in the country, essentially inaugurating tourism in the islands as well. Coordination with the EU of the list of third countries that will continue to be exempt from flights, “he said.

From July 1, the shipping of ships from abroad to Greek ports is fully allowed, while all airports are open. As Haris Theocharis said, “on July 1, 7 entry points from the land borders will be activated.”

Theocharis: Sampling tests at airports
The Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, pointed out: “Our plan is complete and we have done operational readiness exercises. Sample tests at airports. Restriction to a hotel until the traveler gets the results. 14 days quarantine if the traveler is positive “.

“From 1/7 for all the countries of origin, travelers will fill out an online form with their contact details in Greece. There will be quarantine hotels, mainly in prefecture capitals but also in all our islands. In a few days the list of hotels that will play this role. The goal is for all those who want to come to our country to be able to do so, but also to be able to return safely to their country “, said among others Mr. Theocharis.

Kefalonia Pulse comments (selected slides from briefing pack related to Kefalonia)

Immediate healthcare facilities


Covid anaylsis transportation


Covid anaylysis (PCR testing)


Patient air support bases



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