Tourism: What are the expectations of Britons on holiday

Free Wi-Fi, sunshine and value for money are the UK’s three main demand for holidays, according to a dealchecker survey on a sample of 1,000 consumers. 

While preference for authentic local food (56%), ideal holidays, as they believe, have prerequisites such as Wi-Fi connection (46%), access to swimming pool (42%) and beach suitable for swimming (38%) .

The factors that prompted them to make the most recent holiday booking were a destination they had not visited (29%), good weather (26%) and value for money (24%), unlike the destination affected just 1% of Britons in the detention decision.

63% said they enjoyed the holiday with their partner, 9% when traveling alone, 11% with friends and 7% with children.

The top 9 booking agents for the British are …

1) Sunshine (78%)

2) Cheap holidays (55%)

3) Culture & Gastronomy (55%)

4) Quality time with loved ones (54%)

5) Exploration & Adventure (48%)

6) Events or Attractions (30%)

7) Health benefits (25%)

8) Visit to relatives (15%)

9) Work-related anxiety (11%) (we suspect this is a translation error and should be prefixed by REDUCTION

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