Traffic ban: 1,835 violations on Sunday including 130 in the Ionian islands

Police verified 1,835 violations throughout the country during inspections to restrict unnecessary traffic.

Specifically, 589 violations were found in Attica, 212 in Thessaloniki, 136 in the Ionian Islands, 130 in western Greece, 107 in central Macedonia, 102 in Thessaly, 99 in Crete, 96 in the Peloponnese, 87 in the Southern Aegean, 77 in Epirus, 73 in Epirus. eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 70 in Central Greece, 35 in the northern Aegean and 22 in western Macedonia.

It is noted that since the measure was launched on Monday, March 23, 2020, 8,441 infringements have been established throughout the country and a number of administrative fines have been imposed.

As far as the operation of shops (health, commercial, etc.) is concerned, despite the prohibition, six infringements have been confirmed and six people arrested. Since the launch of the measure on Thursday 12 March 2020, 292 offenses have been established throughout the country and 302 people have been arrested.

The Kefalonia Pulse comment – Shame to see so many violations but its great and very positive to see the Greek police implementing this policy so tightly and people getting fined long may it continue.

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