Traffic ban: All new measures

From six o’clock in the morning there is a ban on traffic in Greece. Fine EUR 150 to anyone who violates this measure. Who will be able to move around. Watch live.

And perhaps not unjustly, as 94 new cases have been announced in Greece today, a large number despite the restrictive measures already in place. The dead have now reached 15.

What does this mean

The easy transmission and spread of coronavirus puts at risk vulnerable groups of the population.

The traffic ban breaks the chain of dispersion.

The measure enters into force from Monday Monday 23/03 until six April.

The ban does not apply to those serving in the armed forces, medical personnel and members of civil protection.

Go to and from work

Go to pharmacy and doctor

Go to supplies store

Go to the bank

Exercise outdoors or exercising with a pet alone or with two people

One-off move to the place of permanent residence

Two people per vehicle

Fine EUR 150 per infringement.

Two types of documents

Type A Certificate of Employee Movement. The employee always brings it with him.

For the other cases for each individual movement, citizens will complete the Type B certificate.

From Monday 23/03 there are no playgrounds, organized marinas, parks and groves.

All businesses that have been decided will be open.

The MMMs will operate part-time.

The Minister for Digital Politics stated:

Post tonight at where all instructions are detailed. There, you will find the two types of documents. The first form is signed once for employees. Full name, place of work and time of arrival and departure.

For Type B Movements: A statement posted on that encodes six reasons for moving:

Go to pharmacy or doctor

Going to a supply store (supermarket)

Going to the bank

Assisting someone

Public Service

Exercise outdoors.

On the service plan, Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Mr. Economou stated:

“All that will change is the need for everyone to have the form they need to fill out. Measures are necessary for those who do not understand the need for self-restraint. “

Monday morning will be subject to rigorous scrutiny and a fine of 150 euros will be charged as well as serious criminal penalties and the on-going procedure will apply. In Athens and Thessaloniki and by air surveillance. Strict controls on tolls and penalties.

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  • March 23, 2020 at 7:45 am

    Fine get that x however I want to go for three of those ie supermarket, assist someone and daily exercise x do I need to complete the form for each separate activity x


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